Wednesday, July 6

7:40 am Good morning!  Sunny 75 now, 91 later.  MGH for zap #12 then work.  Still no side effects.  Yay!  What’s your fun today?  Rock it!
7:50 am Phil: Celebrity chefs cooking for us all day.  Should be great!
8:10 am Wow!  That sounds fabulous!  You get to do the best stuff!  🙂
5:20 pm What was the best thing you ate? 
5:23 pm One of my former co-workers just wrote me about his 8 days in Cancun.  I did NOT tell him about my nights there!  You are the only one who got to hear it.
9:59 pm Good night, sweet man.
11:29 pm Phil: The thought of that Mexican night is amazing.  Food was beyond belief today and so much.  I am stuffed!  Did Karaoke!  Fab tunes!  We had beers with the Chefs and it was just a great time!


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