Healing Garden

Wednesday, June 22
6:56 am Good morning!  66 staying cool low 70’s.  Happy summer!
7:12 am Phil: Hey girl!  Happy summer!  Going to be nice here too!
8:08 am Waiting for zap #3, another nutrition visit, then subway to work.  Whee!  What’s on your agenda today?

8:18 am Phil: Having my eyes checked for Lasik.  Would like to ditch my glasses and the dr thinks my eyes and brain can handle it.  Will see.  Good luck getting zapped.  Hope it does not diminish your glow.  🙂

8:55 pm Hospital’s healing garden on the eighth floor, looks out over the Charles River.  Great place for a moment of zen between appointments.

6:41 pm Phil: Oh that looks amazing!
6:43 pm Perfect soup for a rainy evening.  [photo of a bowl of Thai Tom Kha soup]

6:44 pm Edamame and chicken satay.  Yum.

6:54 pm Are you doing lasik?  Is that pd by insurance?
6:56 pm Phil: I planned to but Dr said I’m not a good candidate.  So glasses and contacts it is.
6:57 pm Are you liking the contacts?
7:02 pm Phil: Actually yes.  Take come getting used to but now I can pop them in and out and I see well with them in.
7:02 pm Did you get your Oaklies?
7:03 pm Phil: I got Ray Bans.
7:05 pm Oooh.  That brand I’ve heard of.  Cool.
7:28 pm How was the winery tour?  Did you buy any wine?
7:31 pm Phil: Two cases.  Was a lot of fun and a gorgeous day.
7:42 pm Which place was your favorite?
10:41 pm Phil: St Julien was fabulous
10:42 pm Red?
10:42 pm Phil: Both, all great!
10:43 pm Are there restaurants along there too?
10:44 pm Phil: Got reds and whites
10:45 pm Phil: Tabor Hill has a fabulous restaurant
10:55 pm So great you can get out and about!
11:08 pm Off to bed.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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  1. Ahhhh that looks very relaxing. I love to listen to some zen muzak along with looking at those pictures. What was more healing though the garden or the soup with the edamame?

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