Same Irish Breakfast

Sunday, June 12
9:24 am Good morning!  55 rainy ick.  Busy day – brunch w/ peeps from CT, project mtg 1 pm, then another event tonite!  Whee!  Have a super day!

9:40 am Phil: Nice day here today.  Headed to brunch in a bit.

5:26 pm You make me smile.  Copycat.  Off to the event! 
5:28 pm Another day, another black outfit!  [photo of me in fancy black top]
5:29 pm [photo of my cleavage]

12:37 am Had fun at 3 events today!  3 events done, 3 nights off, then 3 more.  Hope you had a great day and your Irish breakfast was as good as mine.  đź™‚ Sweet dreams, kid!
12:49 am It’s after midnight, should be asleep.  Brain won’t stop bringing up our night in Natl Harbor.  I want to hear you laugh, touch your face, your shoulders…lower.  Mmm…

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