Monday, June 6
7:57 am  Good morning!  61 sun, 75 later.  Training a new summer worker this afternoon.  Have a marvelous Monday!
8:08 am Phil: Morning!  Nice day here too!  Enjoy your day.
8:13 am How was the party?
8:40 am Phil: Was fun.  Food came out great.  Got the house in shape too
8:46 am House looking amazing inside and out!  Thanks for the photos!
8:48 am Phil: Did a lot of work on it.  My wife is no housekeeper but I learned from my mom.  Get on your hands and knees and just do it.
9:17 am Can you try again on the house cleaner idea?  The front garden was lovely.
9:41 am You can’t imagine how enticing it is when you talk cleaning!  Hubby does nothing except take out the garbage.  Even when chemo wrecked my hands, so hot water hurt, and I asked him to do dishes, they sat in the sink driving me nuts until I felt better and did them.  Ah, well.  On to better thoughts!
10:24 am Phil: I know how to clean and don’t mind.  I hung all the pictures, put down rugs etc. Just wish I had some help.  Ah well. 
10:54 am I know exactly what you mean!  Don’t know if it helps at all, but consider me with you in spirit. 🙂
7:06 pm Nutso day – both work & project folk went nuts!  Maybe we’ll help each other w/ household chores someday?  I admit I think about it.  If I shouldn’t say so, tell me.  Don’t want to go there if it makes you uncomfortable!
11:56 pm Busy night, project work.  Hope you had a calmer day than I did.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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