Six Months of Blog

Today marks six months, nearly 300 posts and 18,000 hits since I started blogging the weekend after Thanksgiving!  It feels like a big milestone!  Celebrate with me!

I read the entire blog by a dawg – over 250 posts – over Thanksgiving 2011.  And I knew I had to blog… I had to tell the amazing story of reconnection and lifesaving and great sex! And that writer gave me the tools and the courage to do it.

So I started figuring out how to blog, looked at the messages that told the story and realized how unique they are, wrote an introduction, did lots of googling to choose a name no one else uses… and by Saturday December 3 I had enough to hit the Publish button to go live!

I was so excited and terrified when people started to read!  It’s so odd to tell the entire internet stuff that no one in real life knows!  I didn’t know how long I could keep it up – there were several times I considered stopping.  I kept thinking, “I’ll get hit by lightning after I post this.”  The three toughest posts were the

1) showing my cleavage
2) admitting how many other men I’ve been with
3) first sex with Phil – admitting I slept with someone other than my husband!

It is tough to keep going when other bloggers are disappearing, and writing about awful things happening to them because they enjoy sex and blog about it.  But then the comments and emails and hits roll in. And I find fabulous other blogs to read and comment on!  Kindred spirits.  Or very different people who are interesting and taught me a lot!


  • to my 23 members.  
  • the kind or funny or sexy commenters who let me know I was not whispering into the void.  I’ve been astonished what people notice in my posts.  I never would have guessed that cancer, or my dad’s death, or bowl of onion soup or my ankle would illicit such heartfelt responses!  
  • the lurking readers.   
  • And all the sexy bloggers who have taught me so much and made me laugh and think and pant at their sexy words.  Thank you for sharing and being part of this amazing corner of the blogosphere!

BIG HUGS with groping!

There is more to the story… stay tuned!


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5 thoughts on “Six Months of Blog”

  1. Congratulations on your milestones! We’ve been blogging for more than three and a half years, but only broke three hundred posts this past February! Now that’s prolific!

    We know how difficult it can be to cross certain lines with regard to blogging. We posted a single picture in the first three years, and it was a fairly chaste shot. Now, though, it’s – I hesitate to say “no big deal”, but it’s certainly not something we give much thought to. And while there are still some major episodes from our sexual pasts that we’ve yet to share, we’ve admitted to doing things that we imagine our families and certain of our close friends would judge us for.

  2. Congrats! I would say does the milestone make you feel old but I know this blogging thing actually helps you feel young and alive!

    Keep those texts rolling and your other thoughts as well.

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