Saturday, June 4
11:22 am Good morning!  Beautiful, clear, cool 60’s!  Busy de-cluttering.  May your Saturday not suck. 🙂
12:33 pm  Off to Mom’s to check her email.  So lovely out!
1:12 pm Phil: It’s warm and gorgeous.  I am cooking for 30 people tomorrow.  Concert tonight, wine and cheese party followed by dinner.  House smells so good!  Have fun at your Mom’s.
2:53 pm 30 people?   Yikes.  That’s a lot of cooking!  
3:25 pm Having fun w/ Mom.  Checked her email, then she fed me a BLT!  We’re watching baseball.  How’s your mother?

10:15 pm had a great seafood dinner out with older sister and her beau – scallops, shrimp, calms and fish!  Hope the concert is fun!
11:15 pm Phil: Was a blast!

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