June Storms

Wednesday, June 1, 2011
8:13 am Good morning!  68 now, 88 later.  Have a wicked good Wednesday!
8:39 am Phil: Another glorious day!  Love being back at work!  Enjoy the day.
10:02 am Nothing like a 8:58 am thunderstorm! 
5:35 pm And a 5:06 storm!  Sheesh.  Now we’re in the midst of a tornado watch… that never happens here!  Hope you had a great day!
6:11 pm It’s super you love work!  Especially after D.C. But I worry it means home isn’t good.  Remember I’ll listen or distract… Always here to help
1:36 am Wild weather – fierce thunderstorms.  Up late, busy w/ my project.  Ate at home again!  Sweet dreams, kid.

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