Memorial Day

Monday, May 30, 2011  MEMORIAL DAY
8:37 am Phil: I did sleep well after all that  🙂
9:06 am Good morning!  Off to breakfast w/ [lady’s name].  Have a hot day!
3:04 pm Big holiday sale!
[photo of lobster tank at Shaw’s with $5.99/lb sign]

11:01 pm Busy – breakfast out, lunch w/ Mom, big grocery run, dinner at Outback w/ project peeps.  Felt healthy!  Whee!
11:08 pm Sleep well, sweet man.
11:21 pm Phil: Nite Sass, had a very nice day.
11:21 pm Weather looked gorgeous
11:22 pm Phil: 94 degrees. Record high, was wonderful!
11:28 pm Yay!
11:28 pm tired or frisky?
11:31 pm Done babe, worn out.  Good nite.
11: 32 pm No worries.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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