Monkey Sex

Sunday, May 29
9:55 am Good morning!  72, hot today.  Hope you have an easy drive!
12:48 pm Phil: Been good so far!  In Ohio, its warm!
12:49 am Driving the truck?
12:58 am Hey, kid – you’re taking the beach weather home – says 85 and sun tomorrow!
1:22 pm I’m productive!  Moved more crap out of the dining room, cleaned another closet.  Miserable w/o a/c, but great sweating!
3:44 pm In Indiana yet?  Wheldon won the 500, pulled ahead after leader crashed on the final lap
4:48 pm Phil: Tornadoes every where.  Just hit Indiana.
4:53 pm Yes..Sox game in Detroit under tornado watch, hope it doesn’t effect you… friend of older sister lost house in Joplin, so more real to me this year.
5:34 pm Headed to dine w/ [lady’s name], sis best pal.  She grew up across from you – remember them from church?
5:36 pm Please don’t tangle with any funnel clouds! 
5:55 pm Phil: I remember that family.  We are in clear weather now. 

9:05 pm Hope you’re home safely.  Such a contrast between photos – beach scene vs big city towers.  Thanks for posting – I feel so stuck here being sick, good to see other places!
10:43 pm Phil: Home safe and sound.  55 degrees.  Was 81 last night at the beach.  Glad you enjoy the photos
10:51 pm Still hot here.  And you’ll have it tomorrow.  Warning – Wild girl here.  You must be beat from driving, so I won’t say more. Sweet dreams, kid.
10:53 pm Phil: You too wild girl.  :$
11:02 pm You make it tough not to type more… Blame it on the heat?  Lack of a/c is brutal.  Head full of what I could do to ease your aches and then drive you wild.
11:03 pm send me one more photo?
11:38 pm Phil: This do?  Just washing up.  [photo of his sudsy cock]
11:39 pm Awesome.  THANK YOU!  Wow, you are tan.
11:40 pm Phil: LOL
11:41 pm Did you lie out naked in the sun?
11:49 pm Ah, man… such ideas that unleashes… slinking off to my bunk!
11:52 pm Phil: Ha ha
11:55 pm Naked, in the dark.  In my bed… see the beach… stars.  Sound of the waves… and you doing amazing things to my body.
11:56 pm Phil: I could use some wanton no strings sex.
11:57 pm Tit for tat…
[photo of my breasts in the white bra sitting at my desk]

11:59 pm Raises hand to volunteer
11:59 pm Phil: Love it.  You said naked.  That’s not naked.
12:05 am Phil: More [another photo of his tan cock]
12:06 am Double or nothing [photo of my breasts lying on my desk]
12:07 am Phil: much better
12:07 am Hee!
12:10 am Tell me what to do…
12:10 am Phil: I need to have wild monkey sex.  Every orifice, fuck and be fucked, oral, the whole shootin match
12:12 am Damn.  I am so ready for that.
12:14 am Want you to stick your tongue in my mouth, put your hands on me and shove your cock so deep.
12:15 am Phil: For starters
12:17 am then shove my finger in your ass?
12:18 am What do you want?
12:19 am Phil: I’d take the strap on tonight
12:20 am I found a ribbed dildo that vibrates…
12:21 am might be just the thing to ease inside you…
12:23 am Put you on your knees… go in the back door… and fuck your ass.
12:23 am Phil: Think I’d like that.  Fuck my ass.
12:24 am Can you feel it?  The pressure.  The movement… the vibration?
12:24 am Phil: Going to return the favor
12:24 am you have better equipment…
12:26 am Phil: Mine will cum in your ass
12:28 am Oh, man….
12:30 am Phil: Oh, yeah, and in your pussy and down your throat
12:33 am Put it here
[photo of my hairless slit]

12:34 pm I want it all.. give it to me…
12:36 am Let me get my hands on you… take you to the edge…
12:36 am Phil: Nice pussy.  Love to put it there, deep and hard
12:38 am yes… that’s it… fuck me… blow my mind
12:39 am Phil: Take it hard, slapping your ass as I fuck that sweet pussy
12:40 am I want it harder… Deeper…
12:41 am until all those muscles tighten around you…
12:41 am pulsing
12:42 am squeezing… so tight, so hot, so wet just for you
12:42 am Phil: Cum on my cock baby
12:45 am You make me shake…
12:46 am Oh hell yeah, suck your juices off my cock as I fuck your hot mouth
12:48 am I’ve got your ass in my hands, pulling you closer… deeper.
12:48 am sucking
12:38 am making that noise
12:49 am moaning
12:49 am ahhh… you taste so good
12:49 am Phil: Damn girl.  Since you have my ass, shove a finger inside
12:50 am oh, yes… a wet finger deep in there..
12:51 am Pressing up and in…
12:52 am Umm yea
12:52 am Phil: Tell me your pussy is wet
12:53 am it’s dripping… you know how to cause a flood, kid
12:54 am you can watch my fingers
12:54 am trying to do what yours would
12:55 am pressing to the ceiling, in and out…
12:55 am my hips won’t stay still
12:56 am have you seen that?
12:57 am No one has ever watched me… but I want you to see it.
1:01 am Then I’d like to ride you…
1:01 am Phil: Would love to watch
1:03 am Damn… came, so high, still pulsing…
1:06 am Phil: Oh cool
1:06 am Thinking about the beach…
1:07 am and you…
1:08 am or my balcony…
1:08 am Phil: Fun to fuck on the beach
1:09 am Phil: Next time we’ll do it on your balcony
1:10 am Yes… pound me, into me.
1:10 am under the stars
1:13 am Phil: Ur neighbors could hear or see
1:14 am Trying to imagine… standing.  Or sitting in the big chaise.. or lying on a bunch of pillows
1:17 am Feeding you grapes.  🙂
1:18 am pour some scotch in my navel and lick it off?
1:18 am have to whisper…
1:20 am Phil: Oh, no, moan and beg for my cock.  Let them hear my cock pounding into you
1:23 am Damn I want to, so so much
1:24 am you unhinge me
1:27 am Phil: Cool
1:27 am Please come… see this naked woman… play w/ the wild girl…
1:30 am balcony, kitchen, bed, shower… all need to be messed with.  🙂
1:32 am and I need to swallow some hot white cum.
1:33 am Phil: Mmmm, off to bed girl.  Came in an explosion.  Thank you.  I would love to full your mouth with cum
1:33 am Yay.  Sweet dreams…
1:34 am Phil: Hope you got off as well as I did
1:36 am Oh, yes… your words are
1:36 pm Reach deep inside me…
1:38 Was that monkey enough?

1:38 am Phil: Oh yeah, absolutely
1:39 am and no strings!
1:39 am Phil: Mmmmmm…..
1:40 am maybe some drums and brass…

1:40 am woodwinds?
1:40 am Phil: Oh hell yeah
2:06 am Might be cool enough to sleep now.  Going to think about a beach and a kid in a Hawaiian shirt
2:06 am Sleep well
[36 texts – yowza!]

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