Friday, May 27
8:05 am Good morning!  66 already, 80s later.  Great concert photos!
8:12 am Warm, humid and no a/c yet!  Grrr… Headed to Mass General to see nutritionist then have CT scan for radiation prep.  Whee.  Hope your day rocks! 
11:44 pm I got tattoed!  5 blue “freckles” on my chest and side to target the beam.  I asked for butterflies but nooo.  Freaky.  3 weeks until next appt.  Hooray!

12:18 am Phil: Cool!
12:19 am You having a good time?
12:21 am Phil: Oh God yeah!  So good to be at the beach.  I love it here!  Lots of kid time and time with friends. 
12:21 am Awesome!
12:23 am What was your fave tune from the concert?
12:25 am Phil: [he named it]
12:27 pm Listening to version on u-tube from a concert in 2006
12:28 am Phil: I was there too
12:33 am Why is that your fave?  Lyrics?  Instrumentals? 
12:50 am Sweet song… thanks. Tough day, needed that.  Sweet dreams, kid. 

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