Thursday, May 26
9:06 am Good morning!  61 sun!  No work for me today!  Hope you have a fun day!
9:47 am Phil: I am going to a concert tonight!  Hot out, love it!
9:50 am Ooh!  Awesome!  I’m off on an adventure to the wilds of North Reading to the Walmart and the British pub next door for lunch.

French Onion Soup

Chicken parmesan over ziti in a cute little red dish!

12:09 pm  Giant margarita glass! Enjoy the concert.
[photo of a giant green plastic glass from Walmart]

1:35 pm Phil: Why Thank You!
4:52 pm Notice #2 sorbet – margarita!

4:54 pm Margarita sorbet itself!  Everything is making me think of you!

11:10 pm Good concert?
12:09 pm Phil: Oh yeah!

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