Sunday, May 22, 2011
8:03 am Good morning!  48 foggy, 50’s today.  Hope you’ve got better weather!
9:19 am Phil: 80 degrees and spectacular here!
9:26 am Yay!  Enjoy!  I’m headed out to my pal’s birthday brunch. 
3:07 pm Cleaned out a closet, found my yearbooks.  You’re right about that photo of us dancing. HOT!
3:29 pm Phil: Told you so!
3:48 pm Do you remember anything about that night?
10:55 pm I hope the Cubs will visit Fenway more often.  Sleep well, sweet man.
12:26 am Phil: No shit, they suck!  Yankees kicked some Met ass.  Been up drinking and yapping with my kids.  Good night.  🙂

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