Friday, May 20
8:02 am Good morning!  52 dense fog, day 7.  TGIF!  Have an awesome Friday Philip!
8:11 am Phil: Hit on?  Wow!  Interesting.  Man with great taste 🙂 .  Awesome day here.  Start vacation today!
8:14 am Ooh, vaca!  You traveling?
8:14 am please please send nice weather this way!  ðŸ™‚
8:21 am Phil: Going home to the beach.  Going to a concert.  Picking up a bunch of stuff I left there and putting my ass in the sand
8:27 pm Phil: 🙂 see what I can do about the weather
1:49 pm The sun came out!  For 10 whole minutes!  Thanks!  I should have asked you earlier.  ðŸ™‚
7:56 pm Hmmmm… we made out own but good to know someone sells them.  ðŸ™‚
[photo of storefront with the name SPARKS]

10:34 pm Seafood scallion pancake and garlic soft-shell crab at All Seasons Table!  Yum.  Hope your vaca got off to a great start!  Good night, kid.

11:28 pm Phil: Cool.  Had a nice nite
[5 texts today!]

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