Special exercise

Wednesday, May 18
7:41 am Good morning!  5th day of 52 & gray, start to think of ark building.  Hope your Wednesday goes well. 
7:43 am Phil: Gray and raining here too.  Temps are ok though.  Hump day!  Hoooya
8:29 am For the man [photo of my right breast from the front]

8:56 am Phil: Very nice 🙂
4:54 pm So foggy – feels like Scotland!  Great day at work – got lots done!  Brain finally coming back.  Rah!
10:38 pm Hey kid. How goes?  Mexican dinner at a new place, Jose’s, in a funny house.   Ate a “Mexican flag!”

10:50 pm Phil: Sounds awesome.  Watching my diet, working out harder and more often. Trying to get lean for summer.  Mexican sounds awesome!
10:54 pm Lean sounds great!  I get to see a special oncology nutritionist next week, getting expert advice on healthy eating.
11:01 pm Is it too fresh to say I wish we were together so we could get a certain kind of exercise?  🙂

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