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Hi, Readers!  It’s time for another exciting post with some Sassy Answers!  I can’t believe this topic just came up, but better late than never.

Q.  Have you been to your high school reunion?  

A.  Yes!  Twice!

Whenever I mention old flames and reconnections, most people say the words
“High School Reunion”
to me in the next couple of sentences.  I’ve heard all sorts of stories about

– why they never went,
– what happened when they went,
– what they wish happened or
– how their wife watches them like a hawk at such events.

It amazes me the angst and the volume of fantasies the revolve around this one dinner dance!

I’ve attended two reunions – my 10th alone and my 20th with my husband.  My class can’t get it together to do another one.  Both times, I had a fun time with a bunch of adults who bore little resemblance to the teenagers I went to school with.  People were very excited to see me, because they stayed in my home town and see each other all the time, and I moved away.  I had two chances to see people each time – a dinner dance on a Saturday night, then a picnic in the local park the next day with their children.  Both were interesting, but the conversations seemed better in the park.  And seeing all the little blond children my very dark Italian classmates created made me wonder what the Fed Ex delivery man looks like!  By some odd coincidence, I never dated anyone in my year at school.  My old flames were older or younger, so I didn’t run into any of them.  It was great to see my BFF who flew in from the West Coast, and I was mildly interested in what folks grew up to do, but had very little angst or possibility for fantasies.

At my 10th reunion, there was a tall, blond and handsome classmate I remembered from drama club.  I had a lovely time talking to his wife and felt him watching me more intently than the other gentlemen.  I went out to my car to get some air and he found me there about three minutes later.

“Wow… nice to get a break from the noise and the heat in there, hunh?” he asked.

“Yes… I needed a few minutes away,” I replied, leaning on the side of my car.

“Are you staying at the hotel?” he asked, leaning against my car beside me.

“No… at my folks new place on the other side of the city,” I explained.

I looked up at the stars and when I looked back, he was staring at me.

“You look just the way I remember…,” he mused.

“Thanks.  You look better, with longer hair,” I ventured.  His father had insisted on shaving his son’s head regularly.  His hair was not long, but it was well within the normal range now.  He ran his hand through it and chuckled.  I longed to do the same, but looked away.

“You were the one person I hoped to see tonight,” he admitted.

“Really?  That’s sweet,” I answered, starting to wonder where this was leading.

“Yeah… I.. um… was trying to figure out why we never dated in high school,” he whispered.

“Because you didn’t ask me?” I suggested.  He chuckled.

“Yes… I should have.  I wanted to…” he admitted.  He turned quickly, staring into my eyes.

“I want a kiss now… may I?” he asked quite formally.

“It’s not a good idea,” I replied.

“But you want to anyway?” he asked, too right.  He put his hand on my face and leaned in to kiss me.  I reveled in his breath on my lips and then his lips were on mine and I was lost in his taste, our dueling tongues. I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed at his muscular back.  

“Todd? Are you out here?” We heard shouted from the doorway of the restaurant.  It was his wife.  He hugged me, kissed me on the forehead and strolled back to meet her, taking her arm and murmuring something as they went back inside.

I slumped against my car, my fingers running over my lips.

I got a nice post card the following October, written by his wife, from their trip to DisneyWorld and an annual Christmas card.

No… he doesn’t have a Facebook account!  Should I friend his wife?

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