Thursday, May 12, 2011
7:48 am Another gray 54 morning!  Hope your day is off to a great start!  My pal is going with me to MGH for my LAST chemo!  Woot!
7:51 am Phil: Cool.  Thunderstorms here.
1:59 pm Phil: Greek salad with grill chicken!  [photo of the dish]
2:05 pm Oh wow!  Looks yummy!
2:07 pm Phil: At the Greek place in DC
2:08 pm Ask for Galacktoburiko?  🙂
2:11 pm You are so sweet to send me the photo!
2:15 pm Phil:  Keeping it lite, just the salad
2:16 pm Do you get to the beach this trip?
2:19 pm Sassy in the loo! [Photo of me in the hospital bathroom all hooked up to the chemo IV]
2:21 pm Phil: Yup, tomorrow!
2:26 pm Yay!
2:36 pm Phil: [photo Athena Pallas in Alexandria, VA]

2:27 pm Traveling alone?
2:27 pm Phil: Yeah, kinda nice to be on my own for a bit.  Good to be in DC too.
2:28 pm Ooh!  What a great spot for a kiss!  Or two… 😉
2:28 pm Is this that ceremony? 
2:29 pm Phil: Yes
2:29 pm Cool
2:29 pm Phil: Flowers are spectacular here.
2:30 pm warm?  It’s raw here.
2:36 pm I ate free chicken salad sandwich!  And minestone, and fresh fruit!  From cart a volunteer brings – guy is 80 and still rolling!  They wear pink lab coats.  
2:41 pm There in DC long?
2:45 pm Charles River view [photo out the window of MGH]

3:31 pm Phil: Just a day.  Weather is fabulous
6:35 pm Done w/ chemo!  Home alone, full of mussels and LOBSTER!  [photo]

7:43 pm Phil: Wow!  Looks awesome!
7:45 pm Was so sweet!  Didn’t even use much butter!  Long to hand you some!  What did you eat? Thai?
8:10 pm Phil: Nope, sandwiches at a reception
8:44 pm Now what?
8:49 pm Phil: Driving
8:50 pm Hope there isn’t much traffic!
9:00 pm  Call me if you want me to help make the trip go faster.  😉
10:13 pm Rolling along?
10:13 pm Did you rent a fun car?
10:37 pm Phil: Hyundai piece of shit
10:52 pm You have a hotel?
10:57 Phil: Nah gonna sleep on the beach
10:57 pm Really?
10:58 pm Is that legal?
11:00 pm Phil: Ah…No
11:00 pm Staying at quarters
11:28 pm Almost there?
12:18 am Have fun!  I’m off to bed.  Don’t know if I can sleep, so juiced up from a great day, but I can lie there and think good thoughts.  Sleep well, sweet man.
12:40 am Though I’d rather you were fucking me.
12:42 am The ass you say you want [photo of my back side]
[17 texts from Phil!]

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2 thoughts on “LAST CHEMO LOBSTER!”

    1. Thanks, Ryan! The lobster one above is my all-time favorite food photo. Not just for the sumptuous meal but also the joy and relief at the end of that phase of treatment. So glad you noticed it and commented!

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