Storm Thoughts

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
7:55 am Windy Wednesday, gray and cool 50.  Good morning!
8:20 am Phil: Nice here.  Supposed to have thunderstorms.  Another jam packed day.  Have a good one.
8:26 am I’ve never liked t-storms, but I am smiling about them today…
8:48 am Phil:  Like to sit and watch.
8:55 am Like it if you distract me.
9:28 am Read the 2-page Storm story – it’s describes that.  Changed my attitude about storms. 🙂
11:01 am You rocking the contacts today?
11:58 am Off to Border Café for more gumbo and etouffee with project peeps!
7:50 pm Just home from a final supper w/ some co-workers! Such great folks.  Hope your packed day went well.

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