Tuesday, May 10, 2011
7:40 am Hope your Tuesday is off to a good start!  52, gray, windy here,  off to make my own sunshine!  Have a terrific day!
7:51 am Phil: Nice so far.  Supposed to rain but it’s in the 70s.  Packed schedule.  Gonna try learning to put contacts in.  Failed miserably last time.  Small eyes.
7:51 am Phil:  Enjoy your day.
7:59 am Why contacts?  I’ve never tried.  Hope it’s easier.  Maybe if I learned to give myself shots, you can do contacts?
8:12 am Phil: Want to be able to wear sunglasses in summer.
8:13 am Buy clip-ons at Walmart?  Or prescription sunglasses?  I had great luck with both.
8:24 am Phil: Spent 500 bucks on prescription Oaklies, stolen out of my car, clip ons look like clip on.  I’m very active and spend a lot of time in the sun.  Want to be able to wear the Oaklies I want.
8:28 am Ah, I get it now.  Thanks for explaining.  Hope these folks can give you the trick to make it simple.  Will make kissing easier, too.  🙂
9:13 am Googled Oakley sunglasses.  Very sharp-looking!  Which ones are you jonesing for? 
9:55 am Phil: Don’t know but they really help with the sun and on the water, the glare kills me.  Plus I like the beach and have to have decent glasses.
9:57 am I hear you.  I’m out of sunglass options at present and missing them.
1:04 pm Phil: No glasses [photo of his bare face]
1:07 pm Yay!  Was it easy?
1:08 pm It’s a great photo.  It’s cool how I can tell you can see!
1:24 pm Are those the soft monthly kind?  My co-workers talk about those a lot.
1:31 pm Phil: Yep
2:12 pm They’re big trouble for me… they make you even more handsome!  Argh! 😉
11:00 pm Prepping for monthly project meeting. Hope you have a good night. Sleep well.

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