Sexy dream

Monday, May 9
7:53 am Ah, Monday.  Here again.  54 already, 60’s all week.  Yay! Spring is really here.  Good morning!
7:54 am Phil: 70s here.  Sunny day.  Started with a bomb scare.  Gotta love Mondays.  Have a good one.
7:58 am Bomb scare?  Wow.  That’s a novel way to start!  Hope that’s your “frog for breakfast” and the rest of the day is calm…
7:59 am Phil: Me, too!
8:02 pm fyi – you have a gorgeous cock!  I’ve been so completely distracted since you sent that photo Saturday night… had to put a new towel in my chair!  😉
8:03 am Phil:  Oh well thank you.  Glad I could help :p
8:09 am I woke up today from a dream – you called and we helped, and heard, each other climax.  Hot stuff.  Pretty good for a girl who never used to have sexy dreams!
8:14 am Phil: Sassy! 🙂
8:27 am Off to the shower… have a marvelous Monday! 
8:28 am Phil: You too!
6:13 am Busy day!  Hiring summer interns.  Still have energy, doing my laundry and chores.  Whee.  Hubby’s out.  Hope you had a good day!
10:47 pm Sleepy time for Sassy.  Wishing you could tuck me in… Sleep well, Philip.
11:16 pm Phil: Nite girl
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