Belly Button

Friday, May 6
7:38 am Good morning!  50 and beautiful, headed to 70.  Have a fine Friday.
7:46 am Phil: Gorgeous here too!  Enjoy the day!
2:24 pm Hey, kid.  All hell breaking loose!  I feel like a referee!  Co-workers fighting, sisters squabbling, hubby cranky… hope your day is calmer.
3:25 pm Phil: Oh great!  Love it!  Been busy here but it has been at least a calm day.
3:34 pm I fixed it!  Left the office, made sisters play nice, and eating Chinese w/ Hubbyy.  Hot & sour soup cures all!  🙂
4:46 pm Sassy’s sexy belly button!  [photo of my belly button with pink underwear]

7:15 pm You have such cute toes! 🙂  (in response to a photo he posted on FB)
8:26 pm Phil: LOL
8:34 pm 🙂
10:26 pm In bed.  Awful cough.  Bacterial due to low immunity.  Bleh.  But smiling at your toes.  Would suck on them and hmmmm… other places.  G’night kid, sweet dreams.

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