May Day

Sunday, May 1, 2011
7:34 am Phil: Off to Florida for a conference.  Going to be warm and I’ll be by the pool in a few hours!  Have a great day!
8:33 am Good morning!  Yay for FL!  I remember when you got invited.  Amazing work the kid I kissed at camp has grown up to do!  So proud of you.
8:35 am Phil: I turned out ok. 🙂  Never thought I’d be doing this but I’ll take it!
8:41 am My night was… odd.  Worked at the project event, then friend from CT train was late, did not get here until 12:30 am, then Hubby called at 3:30 am drunk for a ride home.  Whee.
8:43 am So forgive me if I’m a little groggy. 🙂  
8:43 am Phil: Thought he was not supposed to drink.  Sounds like a fabulous evening.  🙁 
8:48 am Busy Sunday – friend taking us to breakfast, then pick up Mom and go to another event.  
9:00 am You traveling with military folks?  Sally?  Hope it is productive and fun and warm!
9:05 am  Phil: I am traveling alone.  My buddy will be there.  A lot of military friends.  Sally is travelling later.  I’m looking forward to and already enjoying a day on my own.
9:06 am How long are you away?
9:50 am Phil: Till Thursday.
10:02 am Nifty.  Gotta get dressed and rock outta here.  Have fun!
10:05 am Phil: You too

10:08 am Wish I could lounge by the pool with you instead!  Enjoy!
11:24 am Two words – eggs benedict!  Yum.
1:26 pm Phil: My favorite
1:27 pm You in the warm?  I’m heading out!
1:28 pm Phil: Oh yeah.
2:07 pm Wild here… staffer broke her foot, ran out of programs, another volunteer didn’t show so I am selling cupcakes again!  Never a dull moment
3:32 pm You at the pool yet?  Hope it’s grand!  🙂  
4:07 pm Phil: Ahhhhh [photo of his legs and feet in the pool]
5:04 pm Wow!  Lucky duck!
5:09 pm Phil: Nice [photo of his face and naked chest in the whirlpool]
5:15 pm Hubba hubba 🙂  
5:38 pm Done, took mom home, headed home at last!
6:02 pm Home sweet home.  You partying tonite or chilling?  Welcome back to my time zone!
6:04 pm Phil: Don’t know.  Big conference.  May have a drink and just relax.
6:52 pm Quiet evening here.  Hubby’s at a party, guest gone back to CT.  Cats are snoozing.
6:53 pm Phil: Me too just vegging.  Going to venture out in a few
10:01 pm Watched Doctor Who, ate pizza…nice.  Hope you found fun.  Hugs.
[12 texts today!]

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