F Day

Friday, April 29, 2011
7:09 am Good morning!  Lovely sun, 58 already!  Have a stupendous Saturday!
7:23 am Phil: Ummmm, It’s Friday girl.  That means if you aren’t prepping for work, you should be!
7:28 am Oops!  Good thing one of us knows what day it is!  I have the day off, and am off to see my Mom at a big church rummage sale, so it feels like Saturday!
7:29 am so a French kiss Friday to you!  🙂
7:30 am or maybe even a fellatio Friday… mmmm
5:40 pm Hope your weekend is starting well.  We ran errands – saw mom at rummage sale, got bathroom clock for $1.  Mom gave us dad’s recliner, so we hauled that home.  Bank, gas, Italian sub for lunch.  Whee!
5:46 pm Phil: Having a beer at the club so starting off ok!
5:47 pm Yay!
11:24 pm Quiet evening.  More thai soup and DC memories.  Mmmm..  Sleep well, sweet man.

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