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Dear Readers!

It’s time to dip into my email inbox and pull out a question to answer!  So sit back, relax and read another scintillating post in the series of “Sassy Answers!”

Q.  What blog posts stick in your mind as “different and special?”

A.  Oooh… I am so glad you asked this question!

I read so many amazing posts!  Every now and then, I run across a unique post and I want to share it!  But I can’t share them with most people.  It’s tricky, being that the subject matter is SEX!  But I know you want to read about that… right?

Here are yummy and different stories I’ve found:

Wrong Number, Right Man
from Kat of Prowling with Kat- 3 parts

Voyeur ISO
from Max of Thoughts of a Mystic Satyr – 3 parts

The Masterpiece
from Naughty Kitty of My Secret Life – 2 parts

I’ll Pay the $10 Fine
from Luna Moon at Confessions of an Adulteress

The Office Visit
from W at Internal Pathways to Contention

Sunday Sacrilege – I’m not the only one
from Advizor54 at Free Advice is worth what you pay for it

A Very Personal Protest
from Dick at

I can’t send you to read the best posts ever, from the annals of the fabulous Riff Dog, so I will send you to this insightful ode:

The Day the Music Died
from Ryan at The Ashley Madison Adventures of a Regular Guy Gone Bad

Finally, the hottest post I’ve ever read.  It has eight parts that you have to dig for, but here is the start:

Friendship: The Ins and Outs: Part I & II
from bhp at Both Hands Please

If you have a favorite, either from your blog or someone else’s, give me a pointer!  I am always looking for another sexy blog to read!

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