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Thursday, April 28, 2011
7:53 am Good morning!  64!  Hope your day’s off to a good start!
7:56 am Phil: Got home at 1:00.  Up and at it this morning!  Feeling fabulous!  Voice is 85%.  Life is Good today!
8:04 pm You sound great!  Yay!  I’m off to MGH to meet radiation oncologist doc about phase 3 of treament.  Then chemo #7 of 8.  Free ice cream!
8:05 am Phil: I’d say enjoy but nothing but the ice cream sounds like any fun
8:09 am  They actually make it a nice day.  Very nice people, beautiful new place, free food, glad to finally get info on last phase, good to talk w/ sis and another pal who will sit with me.
8:12 am and I get free time to think of um… new story ideas. 🙂
8:19 am Phil: LOL, think away!
12:21 am Hope your morning’s been great!  Good chats w/docs.  At lunch w/ sis and pal. Caesar salad & reuben.  Yum.
7:31 pm Home from chemo.  Uneventful.  Yay!  Hope you had a good day and throat didn’t bug you too much.
8:40 pm Amazing photos of the airport event!  My dad and I would’ve gone to an event like that.  Fun to see you marching!
9:33 pm Phil: Was a blast!  So patriotic!  I’ll do more this year, awesome!
 9:58 pm  You get to have such fun!  Feeling ok?
9:59 pm  I’m considering going to bed early, get up to see Royal Wedding coverage
10:00 pm Phil: Well enjoy!
10:01 pm unless you want me to stay up?
10:05 pm Phil: Watching NFL draft!  Football baby!
10:06 pm Could I distract you?
10:10 pm Phil: I can always be distracted. Working out in my sports room, watching the draft. 
10:11 pm Photo?
10:17 pm Phil: [photo of him in a sweat shirt]
10:21 pm did you get your hairs cut?  Looks great!
10:23 pm Phil: Yup, but just sweating
10:25 pm I noticed it in an office photo earlier.  Made me itch to run my fingers thru it and kiss you…:)
10:26 pm Phil: What’s that blocking the screen?  [photo of his TV with his cock in front]

10:31 pm Ha ha!  My after-dinner snack?
10:33 pm Phil:  Of course!
10:37 pm I want to touch you, wrap my fingers around you….
10:38 pm Phil: Love hand jobs, amazing intense orgasm
10:46 pm Phil: Just lay back and enjoy while my balls are massaged, licked sucked, ass is licked, finger fucked, while my cock is being stroked.  Bring me to the point and back off, over and over until finally over the edge cumming like a fountain
10:57 pm I can help with that… use my hands, my mouth, my words, some photos
10:58 pm would some wide open slit shots help?
10:58 pm Phil: oh yea!
11:00 pm Hot, wet and open for you [photo of my slit open]
11:01 pm Phil: Ummmmm [photo of his erect cock in his hand]

11:04 pm Phil: Nice!  Love to shoot all over that!
11:06 pm What you do to me… I’ve never seen this before.  You are helping me see new parts!  [Photo of open slit with clit]
11:07 pm Love to bring you to the point where you can!
11:10 pm Phil: Look at those pretty wet lips!  Beautiful pink, wet pussy!
11:17 pm Thank you!  Glad you think so
11:22 pm Maybe you can put something in there?  A finger?  A tongue?  Or your hot hard cock?
11:28 pm Phil: Hard cock sounds wonderful
11:29 pm Mmmmm, that makes me squirm and woogle inside
11:29 pm Rub me
11:30 pm tease me
11:30 pm then pound it, please kid
11:32 pm Phil: I know you like it hard and deep
11:33 pm I do the way you do it… so strong, so long, so good.  Oh man…
11:34 pm Phil: Long hard strokes, pounding that pussy
11:37 pm I am meeting those thrusts, bouncing up… twisting… mmmm
11:39 pm Phil: Slam those hips up, take my cock deep.  Damn that pussy is tight!  Milk me dry every time.
11:44 pm Wish we were outside on my balcony… It’s 63 degrees, lots of stars to fuck me under
11:45 pm Phil: I’d love to fuck you out there.  Love outdoor sex.
11:46 pm Phil: Being summoned.  Must be time.  Grrrr… Goodnight. 🙁
11:46 pm throw sofa cushions and pillows out there for a little love nest
11:46 pm sleep well, kid
11:47 pm Phil: Sounds like hot fun!
11:49 pm Read 1990 bar story?  It has a long description of my balcony plan
11:50 pm Phil: I’ll look
11:51 pm First thing we do when we get to my place in the story…
11:51 pm Phil: Cool.  Off I go.  Night Sass!
[28 texts today!]

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