Eating Grass

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
8:04 am Phil: I was sick still am.  Feel like I have been eating glass.  Throat is so sore.  Rainy but warm day here.  I’ll take it.
8:05 am Sick!  Oh no!
8:08 am Phil: Cold, allergies who knows. Talked too much, worked too long yesterday, made it worse.
8:08 am So sorry to hear that.  Are you resting today?  Drinking water?  Eating soup?  Taking pills?  I hope it passes very quickly!
8:10 am Phil: Nah, no time, less talking today though.  
8:16 am You know this turns on my urge to help… if there’s anything I can do, be sure to say!
8:17 am At least I sent ice cream…
8:21 am Phil: I’ll be fine. Sipping coffee, taking it easy today.
8:25 am Dense fog, 48 going to 63.  Drizzle.  Bleh.  Please take a moment here and there to care for yourself!  If you need cheering up, say so.  Will send healing vibes
8:25 am how do you know what eating grass feels like?  🙂
8:30 am Phil: Glass, I imagine it would tear up your throat.  Grass, I’ve actually eaten that
8:33 am oh!  Glass! Duh.  Reading = hard.  Ouch.  That sounds awful.
8:34 am When were you last sick?  It’s rare, yes?
8:43 am It’s odd – I usually get a cold 2-3x a yr from sick co-workers, but nothing since 4/6/10.  They said bad colds during chemo due to suppressed immune system, but so far nada.  I’ve been feeling great!  Hope you do soon!
8:51 am Phil: I can’t remember the last time I was sick.  I don’t get run down.  Still energizer bunny, just with a sore throat.
8:58 am Oh!  That’s good.  Gotta drive.  Tell your throat I said to HEAL!
9:00 am What are you wearing?
9:03 am Phil: A uniform.  Informal
9:32 am Ah, [military term]!  Is that your fave?
10:35 am Phil: Yes, like pajamas
12:29 pm Survived an argumentative staff mtg.  Hope your throat feels better.  If not, find some soup to eat!  Hugs!
1:27 pm Phil: Soap?  Oh soup!  Tried that. No better but will be fine. Thanks.
1:34 pm  You’re making me wiggle.  I mean, giggle.  Co-workers are looking at me funny.  Cool.  Soap reminds me of a photo you sent… mmmm
1:56 pm Phil: Did it look like this?  [photo of his cock in the shower]
3:14 pm Yes!  Only soapier… I want to be in that shower.  Touching you, sucking… you’re so mean, making me wet and hot at work.  Don’t stop…
3:52 pm [photo of sink @ a bar]
3:52 pm [photo of bathroom]
5:05 pm Heading home!  I am ready to start a new story… anything you want me to write about?  Have a good evening.  Coddle your throat!
5:09 pm Phil: Sorry just finished a workout and you asked
5:17 pm Phil: Write about this [photo of his body]
5:10 pm Phil: or this [photo of his cock in the kitchen]
(Note: these texts seem out of order, but I believe this is how he sent them)
5:27 pm Don’t ever be sorry… I adore you.  Even if it’s bizarre to cum at my desk at work.  Or waiting in my car for thai SOUP… mmmm
5:28 pm your cock’s in all my stories!
5:39 pm that photo makes me want to take off my clothes again!
5:41 pm Phil: Ha ha
5:45 pm Hard to do at a stop light!
5:47 pm Phil:  I’ve been naked at a stop light before
5:49 pm What?!  Where?  Why?
6:00 pm Which is more tempting?  [photo of my breast and a bowl of tom kar guy]
6:06 pm Phil: Cover that nipple with ice cream!  Dessert to die for!
6:06 pm Brrr….
6:10 pm Phil:  Coming home from the beach.  Don’t want to get the seats wet so drive home naked.  Same thing they do in Hawaii
6:12 pm I want to ride shot gun for that trip!
6:15 pm Phil: LOL
6:16 pm If you were here, I’d feed you thai soup and satay and pad thai. And then… 
6:19 pm Let you do whatever you want
6:26 pm Why are you so frisky today?  It’s hot.
7:07 pm Phil:  Cold, wet and nasty here
7:30 pm So I should pray for bad weather?
7:32 pm I’m having an exciting evening of juggling bills and laundry.  You are the bright spot!

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