Bald chat

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 continued….

8:31 pm Puzzling… am I brave enough to send photos w/ my bald head?  Why mess up fantasies for no good reason?  But tough to take photo w/o
Any wisdom?
10:25 pm Phil: Why not?  Show me.
10:27 pm Not sexy…
10:28 pm Phil: 🙂
10:30 pm I know it’s silly to be freaked about it…
10:32 pm Phil: Not silly at all.  Nothing is good if you are uncomfortable about it.
10:38 am I’m not… hard to say why it seems such a… thing.  I trust you.
10:44 pm not my idea of enticing but maybe you’d like the fierce Vulcan warrior look?
10:44 pm If it also has tits in the shot?  🙂
10:45 pm Phil: Maybe
10:49 pm Don’t want any pity.  Or to weird you out.  Tough thing to “unsee.”
10:49 pm Phil: Sounds like fun
10:55 pm I’ll take some and see if I can send… If they’re making you limp, be honest and I’ll go back to neck-down
10:58 pm but you’ll be part of a very exclusive group… very few people have seen.
11:00 pm Phil: I’ll be honest
11:15 pm Three stooges, take 1 [photo of me naked from the waist up (including bald head)]

11:16 pm Take 2 [photo of me naked from the waist up, head turned]

11:28 pm Phil: Same girl!  I like it.  Still made my cock jump to attention.  I can still fuck you. 
11: 32 pm Phew.  I’ll try not to think of it then.  If it’s in the shot, whatever.  Want me to do something about that cock?  🙂
11:39 pm Phil: I’d love to be sucked.
11:42 pm A different view [photo of my naked slit]
11:42 pm Cum get it [photo of his cock with tummy and face beyond]
11:43 pm Phil: Nice, spread that pussy for me
11:44 pm Phil: Swallow it [photo of his cock]
11:45 pm Phil: I like that bald pussy
11:45 pm Phil: Laying on the couch watching the Blackhawks
11:53 pm Phil: Where did you go?
11:55 pm Sorry. Tried to get an ass shot.
11:55 pm Will lick that lollipop now.  🙂
11:56 pm Phil: Drop your head off the bed, let me fuck that hot mouth
11:57 pm suck it deep into my throat
11:59 pm Oh man that feels so good
11:59 pm Phil: Stick your finger right here while you suck me
12:00 am Phil: Damn yeah, I’ll reach over and slip a few fingers into your pussy
12:00 am gonna put my finger right there
12:01 am tease around the rim, then dip inside
12:01 am Phil: Um, I like that
12:02 am you like it in and out, or way in and wiggle?
12:03 am Oooh, you are so good w/ your fingers!
12:04 am Phil: Don’t know?  Have to see
12:05 am Experimenting is fun
12:05 am Phil: Fucking that wet pussy with my fingers, rubbing your clit, my cock down your throat.  Um suck it Sass
12:05 am Phil: oh course
12:06 am Phil: Let me come around and fuck that tight pussy for a bit.  Long. Hard strokes, balls slapping your ass.
12:07 am oh yeah
12:08 am so so good
12:08 am Phil: Gonna get you to cum on my cock and then make you lick that cum off.
12:08 am oh my
12:08 am yum
12:08 am then kiss you
12:09 am let you taste it
12:09 am Phil: Maybe have you kneel in front of me, grab my ass and pull me into your mouth.  Oh yeah, love to taste you on your tongue
12:09 am while I ride your cock
12:09 am Phil: very hot
12:10 am you are full of good ideas and sweet cum!
12:11 am Phil: Lick that juice up [photo of his cock with cum flowing]
12:12 am Phil: Pounding that pussy
12:12 am Meeting those thrusts
12:13 am Screaming in pleasure
12:13 am writhing
12:13 Phil: Cum on, ride it, fuck me
12:14 am Phil: Cum on my cock
12:14 am Fuck you so rough
12:15 am Phil: oh yeah, take it all, gonna pump all that hot cum inside you
12:15 am Fill me right up!
12:16 am til both our juices come pouring out!
12:16 am Phil: Take it, oh yeah, mmmm…
12:16 am Phil: Love to watch that cum drip out
12:17 am Tight, hot, clenching…
12:17 am trying to make you let it all out…
12:17 am Phil: oh yeah girl, cum
12:18 am Squeezing that cock…
12:18 am Phil: 5 or 6 hard shots, cum every where
12:18 am I am so hot, super wet
12:19 am Oh… that’s awesome
12:19 am Phil: Awesome, hope that pussy juice is running down your ass, lips all swollen
12:19 am could use it on my skin…
12:20 am hot white cum
12:20 am makes me glow
12:20 am Phil: needed to cum, would love to shoot it on your face and tits
12:21 am I need a towel on my chair again….
12:21 am oh yeah
12:21 am Phil: Spray your ass and spread your cheeks, shoot right on that tight ass hole
12:21 am mmmm
12:21 am my brain explodes when I read that
12:22 am Phil: Rub it in, ass is all lubed and wet, cock slips in easily
12:22 am makes me breath heavier, close my eyes and drip
12:22 am oh!
12:22 am Phil: Would love to fuck that tight hole
12:23 pm Pull me on that slippery cock
12:23 am Feel your way past those muscles
12:24 am Phil: Oh yea, slowly, easing in, tight ass, so hot
12:25 am Phil: Inch by inch filling your ass
12:25 am Put a finger around front – tease that clit, torture me
12:26 am Phil: Oh yea, rubbing that swollen clit, making you twitch
12:26 am Phil: Now starting to fuck that ass
12:26 am Oh we are going to burn up testing out how this works
12:26 am Phil: Rubbing your clit
12:27 am I may thrash
12:27 am can’t stay still when you touch me there
12:27 am Phil:  Not gonna last long in this tight hole
12:27 am skin there is so smooth now
12:28 am Phil: Show me that clit.  Spread your pussy and show me that hard clit.
12:28 am Phil: oh yeah
12:28 am so sensitive – can feel everything 10x more
12:29 am Phil: that’s awesome, probably cum over and over again
12:29 am with you touching me, oh yeah
12:30 am Phil: Gonna cum deep in your ass, hot cum shooting inside you
12:30 am bounce right back against that cock in my ass
12:30 am Phil: damn
12:30 am Phil: Tell me to fuck your ass
12:30 am take it deeper, milk it
12:31 am Phil: Oh yeah, squeeze it, take that cum
12:32 am Press down, see what those muscles can do
12:34 Gently go wild fuck fuck fuck my ass til you can’t hold back
12:35 am Phil: oh yeah, damn cumming Again.  Oh yea, fucking that sweet ass, damn
12:35 am Maybe I’ll suck your finger a bit.  Make some great slurping
12:35 am Phil: Damn that felt good
12:35 am Bite it a little
12:36 am Ummm
12:36 am Let you feel my tongue, my teeth, my lips
12:37 am Phil: I like that.
12:37 am Damn my mind races
12:38 am Does things to my body…
12:38 am Phil: I have to go to bed girl.  Spent, room smells like cum
12:38 am make me wet, twisting
12:39 am sure.  Mmmmm
12:39 am so good, so hot
12:39 am thanks
12:39 am sleep well Philip
12:39 am Phil: LOL
12:40 am Phil: You too Sass
12:40 am What made you LOL?
12:41 am night kid
12:41 am Phil: wet twisting, I’m glad
12:41 am Heh
12:41 am all revved up…
12:42 pm in 4th gear w/ the brake on!
12:42 am burning…
12:42 am go to bed!
12:43 am think of tits and ass and clit!
12:45 am I’m off to figure out how to take a clit shot!  🙂
12:46 am Phil: Ha ha, good luck, got to get it all hot again
[79 texts from him today!]

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