What If London

From: Sassy Girl
Subject: 2001 London
Date: April 25, 2011 8:52:27 AM EDT
To: Phil

HI, Philip. 
In honor of the Royal Wedding this week, I finished a story – “October 2001 in London.”  
Photos, Chinese food, theater… and LONDON! 
Enjoy!  Comment?
You should be able to see it in the gmail documents folder.  If it doesn’t work, let me know.
It’s the 6th recent (1975, 1977, 1980, 1990, 2000, 2001).  
Have a great week! 



October 2001 in London
– What actually happened 
  email from Sassy to a friend – Wednesday, 10/24/2001
We took a cab into London and saw the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London.  They are spectacular!  The crowns are the best – huge gems…gold, platinum…and then all the orbs and sceptres and rings and tankards and 36 gallon gold punch bowl!  The cobblestones were murder on my broken foot, so we didn’t go on the other tours.  We went downtown and had lunch at the Dome Pub.  I am amazed how the pubs are not just glorified bars the way they are in the U.S.  They are more like “Au Bon Pub” with fancier food and decor.  We shared potato garlic soup, caesar salad and a turkey club.
We toured St. Paul‘s Cathedral.  It is massive but much more a modern, working church than Westminster Abbey.  They stop everyone on the hour and say the Lord’s Prayer together.
We took a cab home and rested before going to the tube and the Theatre.  We went to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane for “My Fair Lady.” We were in the third row on the floor in the back section – “the stalls”.  They charge for programmes!  And they not only let you have food in there, they sell food inside the theatre!  A nifty thing is that every other seat has a pair of binoculars you can rent for 50p!
Jonathan Pryce was Henry Higgins!  He was marvelous!  Good thing – the rest of the cast was mediocre.  But we had fun.  It ran over 3 hours!  So we didn’t get to dinner until 10:45 pm.  We had French cuisine up over Covent Garden.  I had escargots in garlic butter, then a mixed grill of sausage, beef, chicken and lamb with bernaise sauce.  It was ok.  The waitress was asleep.  We took the last Tube train home and I fell into bed.
– What I wish had happened 
In the Pub
I was sitting in the Punch Tavern at 99 Fleet Street in London, down the street from St. Paul’s Cathedral, with my feet up.  After doing a lot of sightseeing, I was worn out.  My sister was in the loo.  We had just finished a delicious late lunch and I was longing for a nap.  
A man strolled in wearing a football sweatshirt.  Hmm… American?  My goodness, he’s tall, dark and  handsome!  I hadn’t seen many Americans this trip.  In the aftermath of September 11, few people from the U.S. were flying, especially not overseas.  Most of the tourist places we visited were less crowded than usual, and filled with German, French and Japanese accents.  
The football fan sat at the bar, and ordered a drink with an American accent.  He looked at the door, probably waiting for someone.  Then he glanced around.  There were only a few other people at this odd hour.  He stopped when he got to me and stared.  I looked away.  When I looked back, he was still staring.  I wondered if there was something about me that shouted “American” to him or what.   Being 42 and rather plump, I was not used to men noticing me at all, much less staring.  He came over to the table!
“Sassy?”  I was astonished to hear my name pop from his mouth.  “It is you, isn’t it?” he asked, sitting down beside me.  I could not figure out how he knew my name.
“It’s me, Phil.  Philip from home,” he told me.  
“Wow!  What a blast from the past!” I replied, smiling. 
I was flooded with memories of a beautiful boy with long brown hair – singing, laughing, kissing… my first love.  Though I never told him that.  I did a quick calculation – we dated…28 years ago, when I was a freshman in high school.  Yikes.  How could it be that long ago?  Looking at his smile, it seemed like yesterday.  
“Why are you in London?” I asked.  
“I’m still in the military, working in Cornwall, here for a meeting,” he said.  “What about you?”
“Visiting my little sister, you remember?  She lives here,” I explained.  
“Damn…she was in kindergarten the last time I saw her,” he said.  
“She’s in her thirties now.  Her husband works here,” I said.  
At that moment, she returned to the table.  She stared at the man, then at me, giving me the “I’m not gone 5 minutes and you get into trouble,” look.  Philip stood up to let her have her seat back.
“Sis, you remember Philip from church?” I said.  Her eyes widened.  She obviously did.
“Yes.  Yes, of course.  Small world!” she exclaimed, pleasantly shaking his hand while shooting me her “I can not believe you are talking to the guy who broke your heart” look.  I prayed she would not voice that particular thought.  God granted me that much.     
“Can I take you two out for dinner?” he piped up.  We stared at him.  
“We just finished lunch,” I said.  
“And we have theater tickets,” my sister added.  But then she got this fiendish look.  
“Philip, why don’t you take my ticket and take Sassy to the show?” she asked.  “I can see it later and I’m sure your two have a lot to catch up on,” she added, smiling sweetly at me.  I gave her my “I am going to strangle you with my bare hands,” look.  
“Oh, I’d love that,” Philip said.  I felt as if I wasn’t there.  They both finally looked at me for approval.
“Sure.  Sounds great,” I said, nodding, wondering what on earth I had just agreed to.  
“You’ll make sure she gets back to my flat?” she added sternly.
“Of course,” Philip agreed immediately.  
“You are welcome to crash with us, too, if you like,” she offered.  “We have lots of room.”
“Thank you.  That’s very kind,” he said. 
She pulled on her coat, rooted in her bag for the tickets, and handed them to me.  I could not believe she would leave me alone with him so quickly.  She was probably sick of me after a week of showing me around.  She gave me a hug, whispered “You have cab fare, right?” in my ear and I nodded.
“Right then, I’ll be off home.  Have fun, you two,” she said.  And she was gone.  Rat fink.  
Philip and I stared after her, and then turned back to stare at each other.
“What an interesting girl,” he said.  “I like her,” he said, chuckling.  He settled into the chair next to me again, pulling it closer.  
The second she was out of sight, he threaded his fingers through my long hair and kissed me gently on the mouth.  I was so surprised, I gasped.  He nibbled my lips and rubbed his nose on mine.  I sighed and he pressed his tongue deep into my mouth.  I should have pulled away, but it felt wonderful.  I was lost in his taste – a faint trace of scotch – and the electricity flowing between us.  He explored my mouth and I reacted on instinct, sucking gently.  His tongue went deeper.  I added mine and he moaned, soft and low.  I wanted it to go on forever.  It didn’t make any sense, but I felt completely at ease with him.  I started to think this was the best kiss I’d ever experienced.  
“Oh, girl…I’ve wanted to do that forever,” he said in awe.  “You always were the best kisser,” he sighed, when he finally let me catch a breath.  “I’ll never forget our first kiss.  Do you remember?  At camp?  It was the most memorable and electric kiss of my life.”  I didn’t remember anything about that.  Oh, dear.  
He took my hand, looking at the gold band on my ring finger.  “Where is your husband?” he asked, stroking my palm with a finger.  
“Home, in Boston.  He doesn’t fly,” I answered.  I realized I had not given him a thought while Philip was kissing me silly.  Oops.  
“When did you get married?” he asked.  
“1996,” I answered.  “It’s five years, next week,” I added.  “You?”
“You remember Sally?  We’ve been married over 20 years, have two kids,” he said. 
“Wow,” was all that I could say.  He had married the pretty blond from high school.  And stayed with her all these years.  Then I realized I should say more.  “How old are your children?” I asked. 
“They’re teenagers,” he replied.  “You have kids?”  
“No.. cats!” I replied.  
“Ah.  I’m more of a dog man, myself.”  He smiled.  “Do you work outside the home?” he asked.

“Yes.  I’m an office manager for a big company in downtown Boston,” I answered.  He looked impressed.  I shrugged.  “I work too much,” I added.  
He was quiet for a moment.  “I’ve thought of you a lot over the years,” he stated.  I stared at him, astonished.  “We don’t have much time, so I am going to be very honest.  Okay?”
“Of course,”  I replied, very curious now.  
“Well, I… I always regretted breaking up with you.  I was just a kid and I didn’t understand… we weren’t done,” he tried to explain.  I was flabbergasted.  I didn’t remember much about dating him, except that he broke my heart.  When he left, I know I thought, “He’ll regret it and come back someday, saying he’s sorry,” but conventional wisdom says that never happens.  It took awhile, but here he was!   
I patted him on the arm and said, “Thank you for saying that.  It’s incredibly sweet.”  He smiled.  
“I promised myself that if I could find you, if I ever got the chance, I would make it very clear that you are very special to me, and that I’d give anything to…um… be part of your life again,” he finished.  He smiled again, but looked a little nervous about how I would take all that.  
“What do you mean?” I asked.  He took a deep breath.  
“I want to finish what we started as teenagers.  I want you.  Right now.  I want to be alone with you and make love to you every way we can think of.  I haven’t been with anyone other than my wife, and she doesn’t… well, she isn’t a passionate person.  I’ve always been faithful to her anyway, and I’m not looking to leave her, but… this feels separate.  I don’t know how much you remember, but we were magic together.  Even as green kids, we had this…”
“Chemistry,” popped out of my mouth.  I didn’t have many memories, but somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, there was something.  “Safe, sexy…and fun,” rolled out too.  
“Exactly!” he said, inordinately pleased that I was following his line of thought.  “We always had fun, and we were able to talk, and I think it’s the same now,” he said.  “I know this is fast, and I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable, but… I want you alone in my hotel room as fast as our feet will carry us,” he admitted.  
“Wow,” I said, having a little trouble taking this all in.  I was lost in a mixture of how amazing it would be to touch him, and have him touch me, and all the ways it could be a disaster.  What if it was great and I never saw him again?  What if it was awful?  What if he was an axe murderer?  
I think he saw the confusion on my face, because he said, “But if that’s not something you can do, we’ll go to the theater and talk, just like the old friends we are.”
I stared at him and it was crystal clear to me that I wanted to go with him.  That I trusted him.  I could not believe that this handsome man wanted to be with frumpy old married me!  I had never cheated on my husband, but it felt completely right.  Truth was, he probably wouldn’t care, might even be happy for me.  We were good friends, but he had given up on the physical side our married life two years ago and told me that he wasn’t interested in me that way anymore.  I struggled with how to explain that.  
“I can’t believe you want me.  I’m not 14 anymore,” I said wistfully.  
“You are beautiful, because you’re you.  It’s mostly about attitude, you know,” he said. “You’re husband is a lucky guy,” he added. 
“Hmmm…well.. see…um.. I don’t know why I can tell you this.  I haven’t told anyone else.  But we don’t, I mean, he doesn’t…want me that way anymore,” I spit out the sad truth in a rush.  
“What?” Philip asked, incredulous.  “You don’t.. aren’t.. physically involved?”  I nodded, looking at the floor.  It was incredibly hard to admit that.  He put a finger under my chin and said, “You are a very sexy woman.  You deserve to be ravaged regularly!”  I giggled at that.  He kissed me deeply to punctuate his statement.  
“I’m not even sure I know what to do anymore…” I admitted.  “I’ve been faithful, too, so I haven’t been with anyone in so long,” I said.  “I’ve… turned off all that.”  
“I hear it’s like riding a bicycle,” he said, leering at me.  “I have some definite ideas on what we could do.  I’ve had a long time to think about it.  I can turn you on, Sass.”  I smiled at that.  I had forgotten his pet name for me.  He was the only one who ever called me that.  It made me tingle!  
It brought back a very clear memory of his beautiful brown eyes, very close to mine, while he was pressing me against the cement wall of the choir room at church, the sunshine pouring in from the small rectangular window above my head as he held me, pressing me close with his hand on my back.  
“This is unreal…Philip,” I said.  “I wish I remembered more,” I sighed.  
“We had a lot of fun, but we never…you know we never…did it, right?”  
“Yes, I know.  I was a confirmed virgin in those days,” I assured him.  “I didn’t go all the way until senior year,” I admitted. “And it wasn’t that great.” 
“Hunh… I waited too, and it was… awkward,” he said.
“I wanted you to… I think it would have been… better with you… but I wasn’t ready and in such a small town… it was such a fishbowl for me,” I explained.
“Well… we can’t change the past.  But we could do something about it now.  I’ve played out our adventures in my mind to their um… natural conclusion.  A lot.  At night.  While I was alone.. well, you know…” he said, struggling where there was no polite term.  
“I was your jumping off point for masturbation all these years?” I asked, going right to the big word.  I was flattered.  And astonished.  Both that it was true, and that he would tell me.  I could not believe that while I was lying cold and alone in my bed all these years, he’d been somewhere out there, thinking of me, wanting me.  How strange life is!  
“Yup,” he confirmed.  “I can’t believe you’re taking this so well,” he added.   
“I want to go with you… but can we start slower?  Maybe head to the theater district for dinner and see the show, see how it goes?” I suggested.  
“Sure… that’s fine.  Really,” he assured me.   We rose together and were standing face to face for the first time.  I was impressed with how tall and substantial he was.  He hugged me.  
“I can’t believe I found you in a pub, 3,000 miles from home,” he marveled.  “I knew it was you right away, Sass.  You kept your hair long.  And your smile.  And your round granny glasses.  And your… chest,” he leered at my ample bosom.  My friends had always kidded me about how I never change the way I look.  It was paying off big time right now!  
“I need to run to the loo… don’t go away, okay?” I asked.
“Not a chance,” he replied.  
In the Loo
I went down the back hall to the facilities.  It was a single – an open space with a toilet and sink, very modern and luxurious for a pub.  I took care of business and washed my hands, staring at my reflection in the mirror.  It was so odd that I didn’t look different.  I felt completely different.  Alive.  Sexy.  For the first time in years!  
I opened the door and Philip was standing in the door frame.  He was so gorgeous, I went a little crazy – I pulled him inside and locked the door!  He wrapped his arms around me and leaned back against the door.
“Ever made out in the ladies loo before?” I whispered in his ear.  He looked around at the floral artwork and pink wallpaper.  
“No, ma’am, but I am happy to try it,” he chuckled.  He put his hands on my ass and pressed me against him.  He was hard against my belly and it made my insides ache for him.  I wanted him in a way I had never wanted any man.  Sex had always been something a man did to me, but I suddenly had ideas of my own!  
“If you don’t want to fuck me right here, you should let go and walk out that door,”  I warned him.  He growled and held me tighter than ever, pushing his tongue into my mouth.  I moaned.  He pressed me against the sink.  
“Sass, I… I am usually slower… I mean, I love foreplay, but this first time… in this place… I just want to be inside you so bad… I… tell me it’s alright?” he asked, panting.  
“Sounds good to me!” I told him enthusiastically.  He put his hand under my skirt and ran his finger along the edge of my panties.  I spread my legs a bit more and he stuck a finger inside me!  
“Oh yeah.. you are so wet… you are ready to go,” he said.  “Mmmmm….” he sighed as he moved his finger in and out of me.  It made me want him to hurry even more!  He rolled off my underwear.  
I worked on his belt and zipper, getting my fingers around him.  I stroked him gently.  He got the most amazing look on his face and his breathing quickened.  
“Feels like you’re all set, too,” I observed. 
“Oh, girl, I have been waiting for this since I was 16 years old… ‘ready’ doesn’t begin to describe it,” he assured me.  He kissed my neck in that spot guaranteed to drive me wild.  
“I’d better put you inside me, then, eh?”  I pumped him a little faster.  
“Mmm… ah… oh, you have good hands.  Wait… two questions.  Do you want me to wear a condom?” he asked.  “I can’t get you pregnant… had a vasectomy.  And I don’t have any diseases.”  
“Ah…thanks for asking.  No, you don’t have to.  I’m clean, too.  Always been careful,” I told him.   “What’s the other question?”  
“You going to tell me why you’re willing to do this with me?” he asked.  I looked him in the eye, trying to figure out if he was ready to hear a secret I’d kept since 1973.
“I think I know why… you can tell me,” he insisted when he saw me hesitate.  
“I love you,” I said, very quietly, terrified about how he’d take hearing that, despite our current position.  I had forgotten a lot, but not the most important thing.  
“I love you, too, Sass,” he whispered, smiling.  “I’ve always loved you, and I was pretty sure you felt the same,”  Relief and joy washed over me.  I was convinced at this point that I was dreaming and my alarm would go off at any moment.  
“Never thought I’d hear that from you.  Especially not in the ladies room!” I giggled.  He chuckled and spanked me on the ass.   
I kissed him then lowered his jeans and underwear, and pulled him toward me slowly.  He lifted my leg and wrapped it around his waist, pulling us together.  He rubbed against me.  My body reacted in a way I’d never felt before…keening toward him.  I had this odd image of being a big lock, and he was the key, about to open up a new world to me, set me free.  We stared into each other eyes.  I took a deep breath, twisted my hips and pressed him inside me.  He moved slowly deeper.  
“Wow, girl.  You are so tight,” he murmured.  I shifted slightly and he pressed even deeper, moaning.  “Damn, you feel so good around me,” he told me.  “Are you alright?” he asked.  
“I have never felt better in my life,” I sighed.  “You are so…perfect inside me.”
“Mmmmm…. I have dreamed of this for so long… and it’s better than I imagined!” he told me.  I put my hands on his ass and pulled him even further inside me.  “Oh, baby, I love it when you touch my ass,” he sighed.  “Anything you do down there is going to set me off.  If you’re okay with it…”  
“You can ask me for anything,” I assured him.  
“Hmmmm… not used to that,” he admitted.  “I have a vivid imagination…” he hesitated.  “I may not have much experience, but I’ve thought about some… wilder things,” he admitted.
“You can tell me.  There’s no harm in asking,” I insisted.  “I’ve done some…interesting things, and I am willing to try more to make you feel good.”  
“Hmmmm… I’d like to hear about what you’ve done,” he whispered.  “Storytelling can be sexy.’
I ran a finger down the crack of his ass and teased around the rim… matching the rhythm he was setting moving in and out of me.  When I stuck my finger inside him, his hips slammed into me and his breath grew ragged.  The sound reverberated in the small space and bounced around my brain, and I started to feel the heat in every part of my body.  It made me so hot to be able to make him happy!  I could not recall ever heading toward a climax so quickly!  
“Damn, girl.  That’s hot,” he panted.  
“Philip… you are… I… mmmmm… you are making things happen.. inside me….” I tried to explain.
“Yeah, babe, I can feel it,” he said.  All the muscles inside me were clenching, trying to hold him inside me and make it better for both of us.  He moved a little faster, pounding me into the porcelain.  I met each thrust, moaning softly in his ear when the pleasure had to escape somewhere.  He kissed me over and over, then stilled… pulsing,  panting.  I felt so hot, so high… I wanted to freeze this moment, put it in a little bag I could take out and hold when I was alone.  I had never felt so satisfied!  
There was a tap on the door.  “Allo?” said a distinctly French female voice.  Crap!  
“Just a moment,” I answered calmly.  We started giggling, and righting our clothes in a big hurry.  I flushed the toilet, washed my hands again, and then, checking to be sure Philip was covered, opened the door.  We walked out past her, and I could hear a faint, “Ooh la la” as we made our way out to the bar again.
“Damn, girl, you are one cool customer,” he marveled.  
“Yeah, well… not much else to do!” I shrugged and we chuckled again.  He dashed off to the loo to clean up, then returned to the bar area.  He offered me his arm, and steered me out to the street.

In the cab

He hailed a black cab and handed me into the back.  We went down to the West End, sitting close together.  

“Do you feel like eating Chinese?  I asked.  I know a great little family-owned place.”  
“Sure.  Sounds wonderful,” he replied.   I gave the driver the address in Soho.  
“Where are you from, mum?” he asked. 
“Boston,” I replied.
Philip said the name of a beach town on the East Coast.  I was glad to know that.  
“Ah, I thought you were Americans!  So good to see you over here!” he said.  “Are you having a good time?  Spending lots of money?”  he joked.
“Oh, yes.  London feels like home to me.  I’ve watched too many BBC dramas, and I love the elephant jokes,” I sassed back.  
“Ah, elephant jokes.  I’ll tell ya my favorite,” he offered.  
Q: How many elephants will fit into a Mini?
A: Four: Two in the front, two in the back.
Q: How many giraffes will fit into a Mini?
A: None. It’s full of elephants.
Q: How do you get two whales (to Wales) in a Mini?
A: Along the M4 and across the Severn Bridge.
Q: How do you know there are two elephants in your refrigerator?
A: You can hear giggling when the light goes out.
Q: How do you know there are three elephants in your refrigerator?
A: You can’t close the door.
Q: How do you know there are four elephants in your refrigerator?
A: There’s an empty Mini parked outside.
I had heard them before, but they made me laugh anyway.  Philip chuckled along.  It was the perfect way to ease a little of the sexual tension between us in a space where we shouldn’t do much about it!  
I took him to Y Ming, a lovely corner spot on Greek Street just off Charing Cross Road near Covent Garden.   
At the restaurant

My sister had taken me there earlier in the week.  I loved the blue storefront, and the white table clothes in the intimate dining room.  
I introduced Philip to the owner, Christine, and we ended up at a quiet table in the back corner.  He charmed her.
He pulled out a chair for me, then settled in to the one across from me.  He took my hand and rubbed my wrist with his thumb.  We ordered drinks and stared at each other.  He turned to me as if he was going to say something, but put his hand on my face instead and leaned over to kiss me.  He stopped a breath away from my lips.  
“I can’t keep my hands off you,” he murmured.  “I’m sorry… I’m usually more of a gentleman,” he sighed, pressing his forehead to mine.  I flicked his lips with my tongue.  His eyes snapped open and he glared.  
“You are not helping!” he chuckled.  I winked at him.  The drinks arrived and we started looking at the menu.  
I put my hand on his arm.  He put his hand on my knee under the table and rubbed in a small circle.  It set off such sparks inside me!  I sat there smiling like a loon, trying to take it all in.  
“I’ll order a few things and we can share, okay?” I suggested.
“Sounds wonderful,” he told him.  “I love getting to try dishes.”
“Soup?  Dumplings? Scallops?  Prawns? Lobster? Can you eat spicy food?“
“Yes,” I said.  “I can eat anything.  I love seafood.  The hotter the better.”  The waiter came by and I ordered.  Philip nodded in approval.  I chose 
– hot & sour soup, 
– steamed fresh scallops in the shell with the zesty black bean dipping sauce, 
– meat dumplings fried, 
– sizzling prawns with ginger and spring onion, 
– dry cooked beans szechuan style for a vegetable, and 
– fresh garlic lobster tails!  
It was probably too much food, but we were going to share.
“So what’s the play?” he asked, striving for some bit of normal conversation.  
“My Fair Lady,” I answered.  
“Oh, wow!  I love that music!” he said, smiling.  
“I know every word of the tunes,” I admitted. “It will be tough not to sing along!  I loved Drama Club in high school.  Do you remember the cast party for “Up the Down Staircase?” I asked.  I had an image of him sitting on my lap that night, and wondered if he recalled more details.  He gave me a very hot look, but the waiter set down the soup and we set to eating.  
The hot and sour soup was perfect – just the right balance of vinegar and meaty broth.   Philip told me about his favorite Chinese restaurant at the beach, with amazing stir-fried seafood noodle dishes. 
The scallops were gorgeous to look at and even better to eat!  When the menu said “zesty” they were not kidding around!  I admired Philip’s ease in using chopsticks.  
The dumplings were perfectly cooked – cripsy and filled with more meat than most places in Boston use.  Philip had a blissful look as he bit into a juicy dumpling and rolled his eyes in pleasure.  I wondered if I would see that look later in another context and had to squirm in my seat. 
The prawns were a little tricky to get out of the shell, but the ginger infused with the shrimp was delectable!   Philip closed his eyes and took a deep breath… the scent was almost better than the taste.  We decided to skip decorum and peel them with our fingers, giggling at our gauche behavior in a classy restaurant.  He told me about places at the beach with all-you-can-eat peel-n-eat shrimp.  I want to go there! 
The green beans were crispy and tangy.  Philip talked about how he loves to cook and that this dish is so easy to make at home, add some zing to a vegetable side dish.  I admitted that I don’t like to cook, but make really good reservations!  He chuckled but shook his head, emphasizing how much fun he has trying new recipes.  
Last and best was the lobster tails.  It made for a beautiful pile on the plate, and the garlic was subtle enough that the flavor of the lobster came through.  He said this dish tasted good, but admitted that he likes lobster better simply dipped in butter and I had to agree. 
We fed each other bites of each dish, talked about old friends from church and school, my family and his family, football and baseball.  He was a very serious football fan.  He told me his team had gotten off to a rocky start, but they were going to turn it around and make the play-offs.  I tried to overlook the fact that he was still a Yankees fan and looking forward to them being in the World Series on Saturday.  I had long since matured into a Red Sox fan.  We talked about our love of bacon.  And lobster.  And places we had traveled.  He was so easy to talk to, and listen to.  I marveled at how I could say anything, and he got it – another new thing for me with a handsome man.
Philip insisted on paying, and took my hand to lead me out to the street.  We strolled over to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

At the theatre

My sister had gotten amazing seats – in the stalls on the orchestra level.  

We settled in and Philip put his arm around me.  I was glad I already knew the show, so I didn’t have to pay much attention.  I amazed that I was able to concentrate at all with him that close to me, but the music was delightful!  

We stretched our legs in the lobby during the interval, marveling at the gorgeous old theater and people-watching.  I made up silly stories about this person or that couple and had him chuckling. 
He pulled me behind a column for a long kiss. 
When the show was over, we made our way out with the crowd and strolled a little way down the block arm-in-arm, chatting about the show.  He stopped and turned toward me, holding both my hands. 
“Now what?” he asked, more casually than I would have thought he’d manage for such a major question.  
“What are the options?” I asked, trying to get a clue where his thoughts were going.
“Dessert?  A stroll along the river?  Roll around on the bed in my hotel room? It isn’t far from here,” he joked, but I knew he meant it with every fiber of his being.  
“Once wasn’t enough?” I asked him, mostly in jest.  
“Not by a long shot,” he replied.  “This is not a one-night thing… I’m headed back to the states soon… I’ll be working in Virginia… I can…,” he started to promise before I pressed a finger to his lips to cut him off.  
“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” I cautioned, appreciating his reassurance, but knowing that life has a funny way of messing with anything that seems like a plan, especially for high school sweethearts trying for a second chance.  “I’d love to see your hotel room,” I answered.  
He hugged me, kissing me until I was so hot I thought I’d melt into a puddle on the sidewalk.  He took my hand and we strolled to the Radisson Edwardian Kenilworth on Great Russell Street.  It figured that his hotel was less than a 15 minute walk from the theater.

At the hotel

We made our way past the modern registration area, rushing to the elevator.  He pressed me against the side of the elevator, kissing me again until the doors opened, then stepping back to let me exit in front of him.  
“I love watching your ass when you walk,” he said as he came up beside me.  I poked him gently in the ribs.  
He stopped half way down the hall and opened the door to his room.  

His room was very neat.  His bag sat open on the luggage rack, but nothing else was amiss.  He tossed off his shoes then turned back to me, smiling.  Part of me felt really shy.  The rest wanted to grab him.  
My feet were worn out, so I sat in one of the chairs and put my feet up on the edge of the bed.  Philip sat on the bed, took off my shoes and started rubbing my feet.  
“Be careful with the left one… I broke it 3 months ago and it’s not quite healed,” I said.  He kissed it gently and stroked it in a very comforting way.  Ooh… that felt so good.  I closed my eyes and reveled in the magic of his hands.  He worked the kinks out, then massaged my ankles and calves.  He shifted on to the floor and put his hands under my skirt, rolling down my underwear and kissing his way from my knees to the top of my thigh.  
“I want to put my mouth on you… are you okay with that?” he asked.  
“Oh, yes… please…” I answered.  He stuck his tongue inside me.  My hips rolled toward him and I moaned softly.  He stopped for a moment.
“Oh, girl, you taste so good.  I remember… mmmm… always wanted to do this the right way.  I want you to come…. relax… let me…mmmm….set you on fire,” he coaxed me.
He kissed the inside of my knees, spread my legs and put his hands on my ass, pulling me toward him, sucking gently.  I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair.  He bit me and my hips bucked toward him.
“Ohhh, Philip…you are making me burn,” I told him.  “That sets me off.  Aaahhh… mmmm.. ” Words failed me as his tongue flicked my most sensitive spot.  I took deep breaths but couldn’t catch up as he set every nerve in my body ablaze.  
“Oh, man… you… mmmm… a little slower… yeah… that’s…. oh… so good.”  I started to feel incredibly hot.  He squeezed my ass, and sucked as my juices began to flow freely.  My hips went crazy and he moaned…such a sweet sound!  I could feel the tightening of the muscles inside me, and knew that I would peak any moment.  I felt flushed… and started twisting in the chair.  He stuck his tongue inside and I was lost in the sensations pouring over me as I came… soaring… panting… moaning and trembling.  He stopped to watch me… I opened my eyes and I thought his look would burn right through me.  
“There… that’s what I was talking about,” he said, smiling.  He climbed up my body and kissed me, giving me a taste of my own juices.  Mmmmm….  he seemed very impressed that I didn’t balk at that.  
“Oh, Philip… that was… hmmmm.. amazing!” I told him, trying to get across the joy I felt.  He took off his shirt, and then wiggled out of his jeans and underwear.  I ran my hands down his chest and marveled at his beautiful skin.  He got busy taking off the rest of my clothes and teased my nipples.  Oh!  He knew just how to twist to get a reaction!  My hips popped up toward him.  I slipped to the floor and encouraged him to take the “hot seat” in the chair.  His smile when he figured out my intentions could have lit up half the city!  
“Oh, girl… I dream of you to touching me,” he sighed.  I put my fingers around him and started to explore his beautiful equipment.  It looked like something from a Playgirl centerfold!  I ran my finger around the edge of the head, then across the slit… then circled him and stretched the skin up from the bottom.  His hips rolled toward me.  I explored the underside, testing various spots, seeing what caused a reaction.  He watched me intently for a bit, then put his head back and closed his eyes, breathing a little heavier.  I put my other hand under him to stroke his balls and squeeze them gently.  He moaned.   
“Tell me what you like…” I asked.  
“Mmmmmm… I like what you’re doing.  Go a little faster,” he replied.  I pumped him at a slightly swifter pace and he sighed.  
“Lick me… suck me, please,” he whispered.  I licked the tip and circled it with my tongue, then blew a big puff on air on it.  He moaned and I put my mouth on him and he moaned louder.  “Oh…mmmm… I never thought you would…mmm…so good…” He stared in my eyes, watching me carefully as I pumped him into my mouth, his hips twisting to get further into my throat.  I sucked him gently and pressed him even further.  He moaned and closed his eyes, lost in the pleasure.  I started humming, hoping the vibration would please him.  He sighed appreciatively.  
He shifted and pulled me up to kiss him, then started to stand and pull me up with him.  
“Bed… now,” he said with a sense of urgency.  We stumbled back onto the bedspread and rolled together, enjoying the luxury of our naked bodies sliding together.  We curled up side-by-side, and he toyed with my right breast, squeezing, tweaking… I played with his nipple.  I took his cock and pressed it the long way down my slit.  He rubbed back and forth… teasing me.  
“Do you want me to take you back to your sister’s flat soon? Or do you want to stay with me?” he asked.  
“I’ll stay, if that’s okay.  In the morning, maybe? How long are you here?” I said.  
“Fine with me.  I’m supposed to take a noon train.  Will your sister worry?  Do you want to call her?”  he asked. 
“Yeah… I probably should do that,” I sighed.  I had forgotten about the outside world.  He handed me the phone and went off to the bathroom.  I rummaged through my purse for my address book to find her number, then dialed the phone on the nightstand.    
“Hullo?” she answered.  
“Hi. It’s Sassy.  Just wanted to let you know I am going to stay in town,” I said.  
“Oh!  So it’s going well?” she asked.  
“Very well.  He is a very nice guy,” I told her.
“Oooh! I want to hear all about it!” she said.
“Sure.  Later,” I promised.  “Gotta go.  I’ll see you midday tomorrow,” I said.  
“Have fun!” she said and rang off.   Philip turned down the covers and urged me to crawl in beside him.  
“Now where were we?” he asked, chuckling.  
“Something about you rubbing me just the right way?” I reminded him. 
“Ah yes…” he smiled and went back to teasing me with his hard shaft.  I moaned quietly.  
“I want you to roll onto your stomach…and I’ll pull you up on your knees…and…”
“Do it,” I interrupted him, rolling over.  He growled, grabbed my hips, pulled me up onto my knees and pulled me back onto his cock.  He moaned as he sank inside me.  It was incredible how far  inside me he could get doing it this way!  
“Oh, girl… this… mmmm… so good,” he murmured as he started to move.  I slammed back into him and he made an incredible sound low in his throat.  I could not stay quiet with him moving inside me this way.  The sound of him slapping against me, the pressure inside me… I let out a series of moans and then something like a shriek, grabbing big handfuls of the sheet.  I wanted to prolong peaking but it just wasn’t possible… he was setting off every nerve in my body!  My inner muscles tightened around him, trying to hold him inside me and drain him.  
“Yeah, baby, let it all out,” he told me.   I started trembling and rolling toward him.  His hands on my hips held me as he slammed into me one final time, and filled me with his juices.  He collapsed next to me on the bed, breathing heavily.  
I looked over and he had the most amazing smile on his face.  I probably looked the same.  
“Damn, girl.  That was crazy hot,” he whispered.  “I love you so much!”

I smiled and kissed him on the nose, “I love you.” It felt so incredible to be able to say it out loud after all these years!

He folded me in his arms and we lay side by side until we could breathe normally again.  I kissed his cheek and then each eye.  and his neck.  I started idly playing with his left nipple, then shifted down a bit so I could get my mouth on it.  I pulled it into my mouth through my teeth, nipping it gently.  His cock popped against my tummy.  I kissed the inner part of his elbow, then across his stomach.  I shifted down again and kissed the back and front of his knees, then down his leg to his instep.  I sucked on each of his toes and he chuckled.  

“Do you need to sleep?” I asked.  
“It would be good to rest a little, though I don’t want to…” he answered.  I returned to lay beside him and he curled his front to my back with an arm over my mid-section.  He kissed my shoulder.  
“I should take a quick shower,” he said.  He rolled off the bed and disappeared to the bathroom.  He was gone about 10 seconds when I realized I could not be that far away from him for that long.  I heard him turn on the water.  I followed him, knocking gently on the partially closed door.  
“Mind if I join you?” I asked.  “I can wash your back,” I offered.  
“I was hoping you would…” he said, reaching a hand out to pull me into the shower stall.  He handed me the soap and I dutifully soaped his back.  But I couldn’t stop there… I did his ass and then reached around to work on the front.  He was smiling and sighing, letting me know this was a good thing.  I rinsed him gently, then knelt and took him into my mouth, pressing him against the side wall.  He seemed surprised, but held my head and moved with me as I sucked him deep into my throat.  
“Oh, girl… you… you make me burn… I… oh,” he encouraged me.  I stroked his balls and he moaned sweetly… I began to taste his juices as the pre-cum flowed.  It was sweet!  
“You….I am going to cum in your mouth if you don’t stop….mmm,” he warned me.  I had no intention of stopping.  I put my finger in his ass and he bucked toward me, screaming wildly.  “I mean it, I…arrrrr,” he said.  I squeezed his hips and he started to shake… then I could feel the pulsing and he shot cum down my throat.  He was gasping, breathing raggedly.   I swallowed dramatically.
“I…you… damn, girl,” he said as he regained his senses.  He pulled me up and kissed me, pressing me against the wall and sliding against me.  Our wet skin together made me swoon.

He grabbed the soap and started cleaning me, focusing on areas of my body guaranteed to drive me wild.  I was writhing and twisting.  He finally pulled us under the water for a rinse.  He shut off the taps and grabbed towels, drying me off and then himself.  I dried my hair a bit.  I stared at us in the mirror, naked and comfortable with each other.  He was so beautiful.  It struck me again how incredible it was that we had found each other and managed to figure out what we wanted and act on it.  He wrapped his arms around me from behind, put one hand on my breast and the other on my stomach.  
“Look at us,” he said.  I put my head back on his shoulder, and pressed my hands over his.  He kissed my shoulder.  He put his finger inside me and I closed my eyes.  He moved in and out, flicking my clit until my hips were backing against him.  I opened my eyes to watch the look of fire on his face in the mirror.  He pulled out and dove back in with two fingers.  I moaned.  I started panting and he went faster, and faster until I was shaking in his arms and coming again.

There seemed to be no end to the ways he could take me to the highest peaks! 
He washed his hands, and took me back to bed.  We lay flat on our backs and he held my hand.  He dosed off and I listened to him sleep.  I felt sleep overtaking me and I drifted off.  I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but before it was light I felt his hand on my breast and he was rolling on top of me and inside me before I was completely awake.  I rubbed my hands up and down his back, then grabbed his ass.  
“I can’t… sleep with you lying there.  My hand touched your leg and the electricity came on again and I have to….” he explained as he moved in and out.  He kissed me, his tongue matching the rhythm.  My hips popped up to meet his thrusts.  
“I thought you’d be tired of me by now,” I sighed.  
“No… not by a long shot,” he confirmed.  He started to move a little faster, then rolled up and put my heels on his shoulders and slammed into me, deep and hard.  We both peaked very quickly.  I was astonished at how easily we set each other off.  He collapsed again and lay beside me.  We stared at the ceiling. 
“Come to Cornwall with me tomorrow,” he asked.  “Stay with me, let me show you around… it’s beautiful down there,” he added. 
“Oh, I would love that.  But my flight home is tomorrow night,” I told him.  I was very touched by his offer.  “Can you take a different train?  Go back to her flat with me?  My sister is making a special farewell lunch for me.  She got a bunch of treats from the food halls at Harrods,” I explained.  
“I can’t.  I have to go back. Will she… can she keep a secret from your husband?” he asked.  
“Yes… we’re fine on that front,” I replied.  I kissed him.  I meant to make it a quick peck and let him sleep some more, but he held onto my head and twisted his tongue in my mouth.  We kissed for a long time, savoring, tasting, exploring.   We finally stopped to breathe.  I put my head on his shoulder.  I ran my tongue around his ear and blew gently.  Then made some little sucking sounds, like I would if he were inside me… ‘’’Sassy… mmmmm… ahhhh…. oh, yeah….” he sighed.

He shivered and looked at me.  “You vixen… you’re fucking my ear now?” 
“Nothing is safe,” I whispered.  He chuckled and rolled over to sleep.  I drifted off as well.  
The next thing I knew, he was behind me, cupping my breasts in his hands and whispering in my ear.  “Good morning, girl.”  
“Good morning, kid,” I replied sleepily.  He pressed a finger inside me, slowly.  My back arched and my ass slammed back against him.  He was already hard.  
“I want to fuck your ass…” he said.  “Can I be inside you that way?  I’ll be careful,” he said.  
“Yes…” I replied.  He hugged me.  He took my juices and wet his cock, then gently pulled me onto it.  I closed my eyes to focus what he was doing.  He went very slowly, giving me time to adjust. 
“Oh, baby… you are so good to me… listening to my fantasies, letting me…” he stopped as the pleasure overtook him.  
“Mmmmm…. Philip… I want you to feel good.  It makes me feel good.  And what you’re doing is… very hot…” I assured him.  He moved slowly in and out, moaning each time he sank inside me.  
“I want to fill your ass with cum,” he told me. 
“Do it,” I answered fiercely.  He pressed deeper and held my hips and trembled.  Then he was pulsing and moaning.  I could feel the warm moisture…. wow.  What a way to wake up!  He lay there inside me for a long time.  
“Shower? Breakfast?” he asked.  
“Sure,” I replied.  He rolled off the bed and offered me his hand.  We raced to the bathroom.  I heeded nature’s call while he started his shower.  I jumped in with him and tried for a quick shower, interrupted only a couple of times when we couldn’t keep from kissing and groping.  I dried off and watched him shave.  We dressed and headed off to a shop across the street to grab food.  We sat in the sunshine on a bench in the park, nibbling each other in between bites of of breakfast sandwiches and sips of juice or coffee.  
We went back to the hotel so he could get his bag.  I looked out the window while he finished packing up.  He came up behind me, and turned me into his arms to hug me.  
“I want you again, so bad,” he murmured.  “But there isn’t time,” he sighed.  
“I know,” I kissed his cheek.  He kissed me hungrily, then walked me backwards to the bed.  He rolled me down onto it, pressed me underneath him, reached under my skirt, pulled off my underwear, tore down his jeans and was inside me in less than 10 seconds!  He grabbed my ass and fucked me hot and hard.  I clawed at his back and then pressed his ass, bucking up to meet each thrust.  We were moaning and screaming and peaking… I clenched him inside me, and he filled me, growling, and then collapsed onto me.  
“Wow… no control whatsoever around you,” he marveled.  
“Mmmm… that was… incredible,” I mused.  He rolled off the bed, dressed, handed me my underwear.  I straightened myself up and went to the bathroom to brush my hair and put it up.  I looked in the mirror.  Still looked the same, even though my life had changed in a huge way.  Strange.  
We headed out.  “I’ll get a cab to take me to the train station and then go on to get you back to your sister’s, okay?” he asked. 
“Sure.  That’s great,” I said.  I tried desperately to hold off thoughts of our impending separation.  I held his hand tightly.  
The doorman got a cab for us.  We piled into the back and explained the two stops.  Philip kissed me most of the way to Paddington Station.  When we got there, I asked the driver to wait and got out with him.  He pressed me against the side of the cab for another long kiss.  I pulled one of my business cards out of my purse, wrote my home info on the back and put it in his pocket.  I gave him another and a pen to write his info.  
“Email me when you get home, okay?  I want to know you are safe,” he insisted as he scribbled. 
“Okay,” I promised.  
“I will find a way to see you again… we’ll figure it out,” he promised. 
“I know.  You can come to Boston anytime.  Or tell me where to find you and I’ll be there… I can  travel,” I assured him.  
“Okay,” he answered.  “I love you, Sassy.  Don’t forget that,” he said, staring into my eyes.  
‘I love you, Philip,” I replied.  I hugged him, gave him one last kiss and turned away.  I gave him my best smile.  He smiled back and then was gone into the crowd.  
I got back into the cab.  “On to the next stop,” I told the driver.  I tried to concentrate on the fabulous London scenery as we made our way out of the city.  All the magic of the past few hours washed over me as I replayed my time with Philip.   I knew the crushing loneliness would hit me again soon, but for now the memories were enough to keep me smiling.  I could not believe how much my life had changed in the past 24 hours.  
“Fine looking bloke,” the driver said.  I smiled, knowing he was very curious.  
“Yes, he is that,” I agreed.  
“How many years have you been married?” he asked.  
“Oh, well… we were school sweethearts,” I answered cryptically.  
“Warms my heart to see people still so in love,” he said.
“Yes… we’re very lucky,” I agreed.  And realized how incredibly true that was!

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