Sultry Face

Sunday, April 24
7:25 am Happy Easter!  Finally warmer – 57 headed to 69!  Gray.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday. The resurrection means more to me this year. 
8:23 am Phil: Happy Easter.  Gorgeous day here.  Church with the troops and then out to enjoy dinner with friends.  Enjoy the day!
11:20 am The Easter outfit [photo of me on the balcony]
1:13 am Phil: Very nice, why the serious face?
3:04 pm Heh.  I was trying for sultry!
3:05 pm Nice that you looked at my face.  😛
3:18 pm Phil: Ahhh. Was trying to figure out the look.
3:26 pm No hidden agenda… Home now. Survived family dinner.  Hubby was an ass.
3:42 pm Turned into a gorgeous day, 73 degrees!  The balcony door is open!
3:55 pm I got ambitious – tossed out a bunch of cacti and put the rest on the balcony.  Open up the window end of the living room.  Yay!  So nice to de-clutter!
5:20 pm Better face?  [photo of my face on the balcony]
10:24 pm Family part of today was yucky, but got invited out last minute for ham supper with project peeps and had a grand time!  Hope your dinner was fab!
11:53 pm Time for me to snooze!  Sweet dreams, kid.

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