Still Soaring

Wednesday, April 20
9:36 am Cheese and crackers!  Good morning!  [photo of shopping cart full]
9:54 pm Phil: Good morning!  Looks fabulous!
1:17 pm Hope you’re having a great day!  Leaving soon to run reception for 200!  Three thoughts today:
1:22 pm 1) Who was that wild woman?  Whole lot of “never done that” last night.  No regrets… very hot. Just unexpected.  You inspire me to do incredible things.
1:25 pm 2) How can I write about stuff I’ve never done?  And have it be so… effective.  Wow.
1:27 pm 3) I love you, Philip.  🙂
1:49 pm Phil: Have a great day!  Was a crazy nite.
4:01 pm Food was great!  Speeches are boring…
7:11 pm Home… Reception was a success, boss is very happy!  Ordered dinner delivery.  Writing… hope you had a good day.
7:13 pm Phil: Long day, heading home.  Glad your day went well!
11:04 pm Hope you had a calm evening.  Still soaring from last night… mmmmm.  Sweet dreams, kid.

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