Bunny day

Saturday, April 16
8:58 am Phil: Good morning!  Off to the Easter Egg hunt!  Have a great day.  
1:27 pm Good morning.  Wish I could play with your buns.
1:41 pm Phil: Howdy!
1:43 pm Going into mom’s for lunch.
2:30 pm Mom fed me Black Forest ham. 🙂
3:01 pm Phil: Ahh, good stuff. 🙂
4:44 pm Done at mom’s, headed to sis now.
5:24 pm Headed home at last!  Whee!
10:00 pm  Big Mac. 🙂
10:57 pm Was the bunny someone you know? [he posted a photo on FB]
11:38 pm Phil: Yup
12:28 am Bedtime.  Wish you were here to tell me a story…
and put your hands on me.  And your mouth. 🙂
Sleep well, sweet man.

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