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Friday, April 15

April 15 8:05 am 
Friday french

Good morning! 37, sun, only 40s today.
Off to work, hope for quiet day – boss out! 
Hope you have an easy day!

April 15 3:21 pm
It’s cold but the spring sun makes it feel warmer than 42. 
Had another lunch at Border with project folk. More gumbo and etouffee!
 I popped in to see my hairdresser, to show off my wig and chat. 
Nice to get out! Boston is gearing up for the Marathon on
   Monday – starting to see pro runners everywhere. 
Hope your day is rolling along.

6:14 pm Looking good kid!  (in response to him posting a photo on his FB)
8:33 pm Phil:  Huh?
8:33 pm The FB photo with the gang at work…beautiful smile…
8:35 pm Phil: The younger ones asked me.  Why not?! 
8:36 pm Where?
8:40 pm Just finished dinner out, waiting for the check…
8:43 pm Phil: It was here at an event and they wanted a picture.  I never say no.
Tough day at work.  Tears my heart out.
8:45 pm Good you had some fun.  Nice they are
tickled to be photographed with you…
8:46 pm Sorry to hear work was hard… better tomorrow?
8:47 pm Can you have a drink and relax now?
8:48 pm Read your story about the dark haired wench and me in CA ;0
8:49 pm gotta drive… Hugs
8:50 pm Phil: Gonna have a drink in a few.  Ready for one.  Drive careful
9:00 pm Wish I could rub your shoulders… take some of load
9:15 pm Home.  If you need distraction or whatever, ping me.
 I know a lot of elephant jokes….
9:25 pm And other stuff…
9:25 pm if not, relax and have a good night, kid  🙂

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