E.R. Adventure

April 11 6:35 am
Monday marching
Good morning! 50 now, going to 70!
Have a great Monday!

April 11 7:48 am Phil
Good morning! Nice here too!
A little hung over but otherwise feeling great!
Have a good one!
April 11 8:02 am
Hung over? You? Great beach photo! You are so lucky! 
Hope your day starts better than mine – spent 7 hrs 
 overnight in the E.R. due to swollen legs/feet. 
Blood tests and CT scan normal, so no clue why. 
Follow up w/ oncology people. No pain, feel fine. 
Off to sleep a little now!
April 11 2:47 pm 
Slept for 4 hours, then did payroll from home. Whee. 
Have the balcony doors open, 68 degrees!  
Hope you’re having a productive day.
April 11  2:48 pm Phil
Having a great day! Hope you are feeling better!
April 11 5:04 pm 
Feeling great! Yay for great Mondays! 
Hope you have a good evening.
April 11 11:10 pm
Quiet evening. Getting lots done on publicity for our next project. 
Nurse called – said swelling is expected side effect, no worries. Yay. 
Sleep well, kid.

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