[Facebook changed to a new system combining messages and chats.  It was tougher to save them for awhile.  So excuse the lack of formating.]

April 8 8:15 am
Friday firsts
Good morning! 41, sun and gorgeous here.
Great day to play baseball in Boston.
Have a super Friday, kid!

April 8 5:46 pm
Out for Turkish food at new place, Istanbul’lu…
thinking of your stories from Turkey.

So sorry about the shutdown b.s., wish I could fix it for you…

April 8 6:30 pm Phil 
No biggie. We will survive.
I love Turkey! Great food, great spices, lots of fun. 
Very cool place to visit. Enjoy! 
Great day for Yankee baseball!

April 9 12:50 am
So glad the wretched govt will go on! 
So glad the Sox finally won. 
So wishing you had been with me dinner… very yummy. 
Hope your weekend got off to a good start! Sleep well, sweet man

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