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Thursday thicket
Between Phil and You
Phil April 7 at 7:32am
I read the Camp story, wow! Can’t get into the hotel one. I enjoyed the story, gotta admit I thought of many scenarios over the years. 
Phil April 7 at 7:38am
Foggy morning here. Guess that happens a lot. Had my colonoscopy yesterday. Last piece of my physical. Clean bill of health all around. Except for some creaking in my joints, I am remarkably fit. Nice words to hear. much concern about a govt shutdown here. Has us burning midnight oil. Your President, another reason Boston sucks! Damn Democrats. 😀

April 7 at 8:19am
Good morning! Sending you sunshine! Fog, med tests and politics in one msg? Eep. but at least your baseball team isn’t 0-5!
Phil April 7 at 8:24am
Let’s go Yankees! Come on, you can say it. You know you want to!
April 7 at 3:04pm
You know there are lots of things I want to say, but that will NEVER be one of them. Sox just lost their 6th. *sigh I can’t wait for them to get home…
April 7 at 9:08pm
Quiet day at work, quiet evening. Chinese dinner. Hubby is out. Listened to my mom for a long while. Hope today was better for you!

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