Wednesday winds
Between Phil and You
April 6 at 8:17am
Good morning! Gusty 40, sunny – pretty morning. Dancing off to work! Have a great day!
Phil April 6 at 9:33am
I’m not dancing but you too! It’s in the 40s. I’ll take it.
April 6 at 10:28am
Come on, kid. Smile! Life is good! It’s above freezing! Radio played “Footloose” – I had to bebop! Can’t you see me? Wind blowing my hair, sun shining…bopping down the street? 🙂
April 6 at 11:53pm
Quiet evening, saw NCIS online – odd new characters. Worked on a story – 1990. Wonder if you’re reading them. Sorry you had a tough day. Hope tomorrow’s better. Sweet dreams.

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