Tuesday taxes
Between Phil and You
April 5 at 8:11am
Good morning! Gray but warm, 57! Filing taxes today. Whee. Have a great Tuesday!
Phil April 5 at 12:57pm
Cold here. In the 30s. Been to dental today. Always great fun. Training again today. Always fun. Have to finish last year’s taxes and get to this year. Ugh, hate taxes. Have a marvelous day!

April 5 at 8:52pm
Been busy with project work. Good to make progress! Is your work different from when you first did it? I try to picture you leaving our home town to dive into that – must have been fun, but scary, too. Can we chat later? Don’t believe FB if it says I’m offline. I’m here til I say goodnight. If you’re too tired, no worries, find me another night. I miss you… don’t want to bother you but sometimes, I need the magic only your words bring. 🙂
April 6 at 12:11am
Hey, kid. Sleep well. Sweet dreams.
Phil April 6 at 12:18am
Good night. Busy but fun day. Work is not much different. Same process. Easy to keep doing it especially with modern tech.

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One thought on “Taxes”

  1. I’ve got a tax day post in the works. I did one last year as a spoof of all the ways I could stimulate the economy if I didn’t have to pay taxes.

    It’s fun pretending to be a Tea Party activist even though I’m just an old lefty!

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