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Monday merriment
Between Phil and You
April 4 at 8:53am
Good morning! Gray 40s here. Forgot cleaners were coming, had to dress, pick up and run to get money in 20 min. Whee! Off to work. Have a great day, Philip!
April 4 at 12:56pm
Raining… nothing like April showers! Our entire staff is headed out to seminar about how technology separates us from each other. Wish I could tell her how the computer has improved my life. 🙂 Hope you’re having a productive day.
April 4 at 9:01pm
Quiet evening. Left work a little early, wicked tired. Took 3 hr nap! Feel human again. Having “everything tastes weird” side effect again. Ick. Manageable… better than not breathing!

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