What If In a Boston Bar

From: Sassy Girl 
Subject: 1990 at a Boston Bar
Date: April 1, 2011 10:45:22 PM EDT
To: Phil

Hiya, kid,
Here’s another story.  You should see it by going to your “documents” folder when you’re logged into gmail, as I’ve shared it with you.  
This one is called “1990 In A Boston Bar” and keys in to a story you told me about being in Boston.
As usual, recommended for reading while alone.  


1990 In A Boston Bar
– In the bar
The place is packed!  Another Thursday night at Houlihan’s, the big bar and dance club near Quincy Market in downtown Boston.  But this week is special.  Thousands of tourists are in town for July 4th celebrations, including soldiers from all over, and sailors and marines off a big aircraft carrier docked in the harbor for “Fleet Week,” so hundreds of military men are out on the town enjoying the city on this humid evening.  Nothing like watching beautiful men in uniform shake their booty on a summer night!
I’m taking a break from dancing, settled into my usual spot at the corner of the bar, watching my friends dance.  Most nights there are nine women for every man in the place, but tonight it’s almost even.  I’m the tall girl with glasses, so it’s a rare night when a guy asks me to dance.  I don’t drink liquor, so I’m the one who helps my friends shed men who get too friendly, and make sure they get home in one piece if they drink too much.  I end up chatting with the bartender, or the “designated driver guy” from a group of men.  I don’t mind.  I have fun dancing with my friends and chatting when they take a break.   Beats staying home watching TV!
A very young guy in uniform stumbles up to the bar, asks for a glass of water and an aspirin.  I smile at him sympathetically while the barkeep digs around for his first aid kit.  The kid sits down next to me, holding his head in his hands, and looks at me between his fingers. 
“It’s loud in here, ma’am,” he whines slowly, in a distinct Southern drawl.  I love how he makes “loud” into a 2-syllable word.  
“Yes, you’re right,” I agree, at the lowest volume I can manage but still be heard over the music.  I ask the bartender for a towel and ice, and hand it to the guy to put on his head.  He presses it to his forehead and sighs in relief.  
“My name is Billy.  What’s yours?” he asks.

“Sassy,” I reply.

“Thank you for the ice, Sassy.  How do you stand the noise?” he asks morosely.

“It’s quieter in the corner,” I said.  He leans closer.
“Did you grown up in Boston?” he asks. 
“Nope.  Upstate New York,” I answer. 
“Thought so.  You don’t sound like Boston.  You talk like Phil,” he said.  “He’s from some small town upstate.” 
He points to a table of men near the center of the room.  They’re tossing back a wide range of beers and liquors, and several of them have a woman on their lap.  He gets up gingerly and weaves in that direction, turning back to me and instructing, “Don’t go away.  I want you to meet him.  Good guy.” 
This ought to be fascinating.  How will the guy take to being pulled over to meet the dry woman at the bar?   A lot of guys from my high school enlisted in the military, but most of them are not someone I’d want to run into here.
I watch the pair thread their way back through the crowd.  The older guy is tall, dark and handsome, with beautiful shoulders.  I’m a sucker for big shoulders.  He’s patiently trying to help the kid stay upright.  As they get closer, the look of tolerance on his face changes to one of astonishment.  He smiles broadly, and takes off toward me, leaving the kid in the dust.  As he gets closer, I read his name bar.  I nearly faint.   It’s my first high school sweetheart.   This is someone from home I don’t mind seeing!  
“Sass!” He booms and stops very close to me.  He is the only person who has ever called me that.  It makes me tingle.  Memories flood over me – singing, kissing, laughing, his hand on my back when we were… He sticks out his hand.  I take it.   “Philip… what a surprise!”  We stare at each other. 
He was the first boy who kissed me in a grown up way.  We dated for three weeks when I was 14 and he was 16.  He broke my heart when he asked me to be his friend.  But we stayed friends for a couple of years until he left town for the military.  Years ago.  I don’t remember much about it.  Just that I would have done almost anything to make him smile.  
He stares at me, smiling.  He has a beautiful smile!  I stare back, smiling.  He’s still gorgeous!  He’s still holding my hand.  I try to remember the last time I saw him.  It must have been 15 years ago.  He kissed me good-bye at church right before he left.  I remember wondering why he did that.  He looks like he wants to do it again right now.  I haven’t seen that look on a man’s face in a long time.
He finally lets go and sits on the stool next to me.  He leans in very close, so he doesn’t have to shout, and says, “It is so good to see you.  I thought you lived in Boston.  I can’t believe you and I ended up in the same bar!”  I smile, but can’t speak.  I take in his crisp uniform, his broad shoulders, his wonderful smile.  Yikes, I’m in trouble.  Just like always around him.   
“Are you here with friends?” he asks, looking around.   I’m stuck on how handsome he still is. 
“Um… yes,” I reply, waving in the general direction of the dance floor.  Brilliant.  What’s wrong with my brain?  
“You hold the fort for them?” he asks, accurately assessing my corner perch in a very efficient manner.  I nod and he says, “I’m doing the same for my guys.  I try to keep them out of trouble.”
“Ah, the keeper,” I said, using a term I’ve heard military men use for the guy who keeps the men out of the brothels and jail.  
“Yup, that’s me.  You’ve chatted up some service men,” he said.
“Yes… the keeper and I are usually the ones at the bar drinking soda together,” I reply.  There.  I managed to say an entire sentence! 
“Been to the old hometown lately?” he asks. 
“Yes, Memorial Day weekend,” I tell him.
“Parents still there?” he asks. 
“Sort of.  Dad retired and they moved, but in that same area,” I reply. 
“Oh, right!  I heard that,” he says, correctly naming their new town.  “Nice area.”   He casually puts his hand on my arm, making little circles with his index finger.  It sets off sparks up my arm and into my brain.  He was always able to do that.  Nothing has changed, except we’re older now.  Know what to do about it.  And all the reasons not to.  My eyes meet his and I can’t look away.  The music changes to a slow dance.  He tilts his head toward the dance floor. 
“You want to dance with me?” he asks.  But his look makes it clear he is asking more.  He touches my hair, twirling a lock around his finger.  
“Um… no thanks,” I reply, trying not to shudder, completely panicked at the idea of being in his arms in public.  He doesn’t take the hint, but goes for broke. 
“Can we get out of here?” he asks, changing tactics, “go somewhere quieter to… talk?”  The slight hesitation isn’t lost on me.  I think I know what he’s asking. 
He looks completely innocent, not leering at all.  I look over at my friends, to see if they’ve noticed us.  No.  They’re all dancing.  I look at his table, wondering if he could leave them unsupervised.  I realize I’ve made up my mind to go with him without an internal debate.  
“Can you abandon your post?” I ask, not sure what I want the answer to be. 
“Yes.  Before I go, I’ll tell them, in no uncertain terms, what they’re supposed to do and not do,” he says, chuckling.  “They should be able to get it right just once without me,” he confirms, not sounding very sure but determined not to let that stop him.  “And I have more important things to do,” he says closer to my ear. 
“I have to tell the gals,” I say, sliding off my stool and motioning to the bartender to watch their stuff.  He smiles and wiggles an eyebrow at Philip, since I’ve never left with a man before.  I shrug and head onto the dance floor, pull two of my pals aside, watch their shocked faces as I tell them I’m leaving with a guy.  I wonder what on earth has gotten into me, and the look on their faces says they’re thinking the same.  They worry for my safety.  But I don’t.   He never pushed me, unlike most of the high school boys.  I wonder if that’s changed.   
I make my way back to the bar, and smile at Philip.  We head for the door.  He puts a hand on my back to guide me through the crowd.  Electricity courses through me.  Damn.  I’m in big trouble.  
– On the street
The warm night air is a shock after the super-cooled club.  We stop at the curb and he says, “Where to?”  I look up at him, realize how tall he is.  I try to decide between the coffee shop at the next corner, or the café across the street.  Or my bed.  I want him to kiss me.  I wonder if I’ve misread the situation.  
He leans in close to whisper in my ear, “If you want me to hail a cab and take you home to bed, I can do that,” he offers, reading my mind in a way that’s oddly familiar.  We used to laugh about his telepathic powers as teenagers.  I stare up at him, trying to look offended.  But relieved that he is interested.  
“Hey!  You were thinking it, don’t lie,” he comes out with, chuckling.
“I was hoping you wouldn’t be able to read my mind anymore,” I wished aloud, smiling.   
“Now, what fun is that?!” he chides me.  He puts a finger on the side of my face, caressing my cheek.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath.  I remember his scent.  It reminds me of those first electric kisses we shared. 
He puts an arm around my waist and pulls me close, whispering, “I want you, very badly.  I’m not going to push you.  I know it’s too fast.  But I promised myself, if I ever got the chance with you again, I’d tell you.  We could always talk.  Do you remember how good we were together?  It feels the same right now, like it always was, except I want to finish what we start this time,” he sighed.
My eyes snap open and I’m caught in his beautiful brown eyes.   He closes the gap between us and kisses me gently on the lips.  I forget where I am.  The sounds of the city fade away and there is nothing but his arms around me, and his mouth on mine and the faint taste of scotch.  
He presses his tongue between my lips, exploring, tasting…deeper and deeper.  I add my tongue to his, and he moans soft and low.  I put my arms around him.  I can’t believe I am necking with this man on a city street, but it feels right.
He presses his forehead to mine, stroking my cheek, my neck, my lips, my hair… as if he can’t quite believe I’m real and has to touch me to convince himself. 
“Oh, girl… you are the best kisser ever.  I’ve wanted to do that for so long!  Tell me there’s no man at home,” he says.  
“There’s no man right now,” I answered, telling him more than he asked.  I am so glad that I don’t live with my sister anymore.  I bought my own condo earlier this year.
“What about you?  Are you married?” I ask.  He doesn’t miss a beat or loosen his hold, simply replies,“Yes.  Ten years ago.”  Did he sigh just a bit? I can’t be sure.
“Are there girls all over the world?” I ask, trying to sound less interested than I am. 
“No,” he states firmly, “I’ve always been a good boy,” sounding slightly sad, but not surprised, that I would assume he fits the stereotype.  He rushes on, “but you’re different…special.  I’ve regretted, always wondered… thought about what we might have… um… been like together.  My wife doesn’t, I mean, she isn’t… a passionate person,” he rambles, trying to explain.
“Children?” I asked, feeling more and more in over my head.  He definitely sighs this time.  “Yes, a girl and a boy,” he recites. “They are very important to me.  But so are you.  This feels separate.  This feels right,” he says, sounding desperate in a way I’ve never heard him talk.
“This is nuts,” I tell him.  Being with a married man is not my style.  
“I know.  But… you feel it, don’t you?” he asks, looking unsure for the first time.  Giving me an out, like the gentleman he’s always been.
“This is a very bad idea,” I can’t help saying.  “But it sounds like fun!”
“Maybe it’s the best idea you’ve ever heard,” he suggests.  He presses me against him, and I can feel him rock-hard.  It makes me want him even more than I did as a teenager, and that is saying a lot.  But won’t he be gone soon?  Won’t it just rip my heart out again?  
I don’t care.  I want him for as long as there is.  
“We ran into each other for a reason,” he states.  I can’t argue with that. 
I know this is absolutely crazy.  But I’m going to take him home with me anyway.  It’s my turn to sigh.  I take his hand and lead him over to the cabstand at the corner.  He lets out a little squeal of joy and swats me on the butt.   “Always adored your ass,” he says, winking at me.  
– In the cab
He opens the door of the top cab, in true gentleman-like fashion, and hands me into the back seat.  The cabby is someone I ride with regularly, when I leave work late.  Which is a lot.  “Hiya, George,” I say, to clue Philip in to that fact.
“Sassy!  How nice to see you again so soon, doll!”  He gives Philip a tough look, then asks, “Where to tonight, miss?” with more of a question in his voice than usual, never having seen me with a man, and certainly not one in uniform. 
“Home, George.  This is Philip, my high school sweetheart,” I add by way of explanation. 
“Well, I’ll be damned,” he chuckles.  “You behave yourself, young man, you hear me?”  he says, turning to look directly at Philip.
“Yes, sir,” he replies, saluting smartly.
“Cause iffen you don’t, there’s a lotta cabbies be looking to break both your legs, you hear me?” he says.
“George!” I chide him, astonished at this display of concern.
“I hear you, sir,” Philip replies respectfully, smiling at me.  “I know how special she is.”  He keeps his distance in the cab, but sneaks his hand onto my knee below George’s line of sight.  But even that contact has me squirming as my body responds.  I comment on various sites we pass, trying to keep my eyes pointing out the window and my mind off his effect on me. 
He snakes his hand under my skirt, teasing his way up my thigh.  I open my legs for him and turn to stare into his eyes.  He leers at me.  I close my legs, trapping his hand.  He winks.  I open them again, and he traces the line of my panties.  He licks his lips.  I have to look away to keep from kissing him.  He slips a finger under my panties.  My head snaps back around to look at him.  He smiles, presses his finger into me.  I squirm, angling closer.  His smile widens.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath. 
“Remember the school bus?” He asks quietly.  I stare at him, shaking my head.  I wonder what crazy high school antics I’ve forgotten.  He takes his hand away and licks his finger, grinning mysteriously.  
We finally pull up at my building.  Philip hands over a $10 bill for a $7 fare, and says,  “Keep the change,” as he guides me out of the car. 
George says, “Thanks!  You want me to come back for you?  About 2:30 am?” obviously familiar with the curfew times.  Philip isn’t surprised.  He leans into the window and says, “That would be perfect, thanks,” as he shakes George’s hand.  He takes my hand as we walk up the steps to my building.
“So you have get back tonight?” I ask. 
“Yes, ma’am.  Before 3 am, leaving at first light,” he confirmed, sounding wistful.  That gives us about 6 hours.  It doesn’t seem like long, but it will be the longest time we’ve ever been alone together and the first time with a bed as an option.  My mind races ahead to all the trouble I can get into in that time.  I can’t wait!  
– In my condo
I fish for my keys, and he takes them, unlocks the lobby door, waves me inside, following close behind me.  He grabs my ass.  I grab his hand and lead him into the elevator, pressing the button for the 5th floor.  He presses me against the side wall, connecting us from shoulder to hip, staring into my eyes.  He kisses me quickly on the lips, then starts nibbling my neck.  
The doors open and I take my keys back, almost running to my condo door, unlock it with him pressed against my back, and reach for the light switch.  He catches my hand, tugs me inside and closes the door, pressing me back against the door, covering my entire body with his. He puts his hand behind my head and kisses me.  I wrap my arms around his waist, as he sticks his tongue between my teeth and starts exploring my mouth gently but firmly.  I let him control it for a few moments, but then meet his tongue with mine, pressing into his mouth.  He squeezes my right breast.  He moans and I’m afraid I’ll melt into a huge puddle at his feet.  He pulls his head up just in time.  He undoes the barrette holding my hair, and runs his fingers through my waist-length dark locks.  
“Oh, girl… I always loved your hair… I’m so glad you still have it long,” he tells me.
“You are hotter than I remember,” he gasps, pressing his forehead against mine and breathing heavily.   
“I’ve learned a few things,” I whisper.  “I want to make you happy.”  
“I’ve dreamed of this moment,” he admits.  “I can’t quite believe it’s real.”
“Philip, you don’t have to say that,” I chide him, not believing he’s being anything other than romantic.
“No, I’m telling it like it is… I have thought about you.  A lot.  When I was, well… alone.  I, um… thought about what we did, what might have happened.  I use it to… you know, get me excited,” he admits.
“Oh, my.  You… you really jerk off thinking of me?”  I’m astonished and flattered, that he remembered me in that way, and that he’d tell me the extent of it.  He looks taken aback that I took it so well. 
“Yes.  A lot, “ he confirms, sighing against my lips as he starts to kiss me again.  “You are the only woman I’ve ever felt this close to, that I can talk to,” he says.  “I want to touch you, and lick you and… make you come over and over,” he whispers.  My body jerks toward him, betraying my feelings on the subject.  “I don’t have a lot of experience, but I have a great imagination,” he says.  “You probably know a lot more than I do,” he adds, looking a little uncertain about the difference in our experience levels.
“I’m sure you’re a good learner,” I replied, not wanting to talk about the men in my past.  And the fact that it’s never been very good for me.  I know what to do to make a man happy, but none of them made any effort to do the same for me.  Except him. 
I wriggle away and lead him toward my bedroom.  We walk through my living room and he stops, noticing the view through the balcony windows.  He follows me over to the sliding door and we go outside.  
– On my balcony
“Spectacular!” he says, scanning the view.  I point out the sights in the distance, then look up at the stars.  
“Did I ever tell you about how much I’ve wanted to do it outside?” he whispers, taking me in his arms.  
“Do it,” I reply.
“What?” he asks.
“Fuck me right here, “ I suggest, wondering what he’ll make of the dirty word.  He growls and starts to take off my clothes, but I squirm out his grasp.  The closest balcony is 20 feet away, but I pray none of the neighbors decide to come out in the evening air.  
“Let me get a blanket,” I say, and take off into the condo.  I dash to the bedroom, grab a blanket off the bed and a couple of pillows.  When I get back, he’s naked, pulling cushions off the sofa and making a love nest outside!  I never saw him completely naked… he is so gorgeous! Tan… trim… mmmm.  I want to touch him.  I want him to touch me!  
We laugh and collapse into each other’s arms on the newly padded balcony floor.  
“Do you think it’s soft enough?” he asks.  
I pull him on top of me to test it, “Oh, yes…this will do nicely.”  He kisses my neck in just the right spot and then takes off my clothes in a flash.  He pulls the blanket over us, and off goes my dress.  He starts kissing my shoulder, pulling the bra strap down and then rolls me slightly to unhook it and cast it away.  He gets the most amazing look on his face when he sees my breasts.  I’m self-conscious, knowing they’re not the same as when I was 14 years old.  But the look on his face tells me they’re still something he likes the look of.  He kisses his way down my chest, taking one nipple in his mouth and fingering the other.  I feel a pull deep inside me and moan, my hips bucking up toward him.  
“Mmmm…. that had a nice effect,” he says, smiling against my breast, then licking his way lower.  He rolls off my panties and looks me up and down.  
“You are so beautiful…,” he says in awe.  I smile at him, basking in the glow of his admiration.  “I have played this out in my mind so many times,” he whispers.  “You never let me go down on you… you’re okay with that now, yes?” he asks.
“Oh yes, please…” I answer emphatically.  It is so sweet of him to ask!  
He kisses my navel, then dips lower, sticking his tongue on my most sensitive spot.  My hips go wild and I’m afraid I’m going to break his nose!   
“Oh, man… you know how to set me on fire!” I whisper fiercely.  He increases the pace, making the sexiest sucking noises.  I start to feel flushed and see fireworks as my brain brings forth the most explosive image I know.  Wow… it suddenly dawns on me that I might be having my first ever orgasm.  I have read about it, but never felt it in the classic way.  The men I’ve been with were  inexperienced or selfish or both, and I have gone along, thinking that’s how men are.  
“That’s it, baby…cum on my tongue,” he coaxes me.  My head thrashes, hips thrusting… I feel like I can fly!  I peak and open my eyes to take in the stars, and the sight of his head between my legs.  He looks up at me and grins.  
“Now that’s the stuff dreams are made of, eh?  You taste so good…” he crows. 
“OH!  MY!” I pant…. “You…wow…” I can not form a complete sentence.  I know I have to come back to my senses, that there’s something I need to say… I take a deep breath. 
“You may not believe this, but… you just gave me a great gift,” I say, knowing I have to admit what had just happened, hoping he’ll be pleased. 
“What’s that?” he asks, curious and puzzled. 
“Well… I haven’t… I thought I had but, with what just happened, I realize that I’ve never had a real orgasm before tonight,” I explain.  
“What?” he stares in disbelief.  “You mean from someone going down on you?” he asked.
“No… I mean ever,” I specify.  
“WHAT?!  You’re 30 years old,” he says, astonished.  
I shrug and confirm, “It’s true anyway.”  “You are… different.  Special…,” I add.  
“Holy shit,” he whistles.  
“Yup,” I concur. 
“Wow… I… damn, Sass, we have to fuck right away, make it happen there, too!” he insists.   
“It can wait a little longer,” I sigh.  “There’s something I want to do.” 
I urge him up further on the cushions and announce, “Your turn!”  He looked at me curiously, not yet sure of my intentions.  
I move down his body, kissing his chest, sucking a nipple and biting it slightly.  He gasps… and starts to squirm.  When I reach his navel, he senses my destination and sits up on his elbows to watch me.  I settle between his legs, kissing each hip before honing in on the center of his manhood.  He was perfectly formed… 
“Have you ever come in a woman’s mouth?” I ask.  I realized this means divulging something about his wife, but ask anyway.
“Nope,” he replies.  “My wife has… a lot of hang-ups,” he explains.  
“Okay, then, it’s time,” I state. 
“Damn, girl,” was all he had time to say before I take him in my hands, and lick the head with quick flicks.  He moans.  I put him in my mouth and he moans again.  I started sucking and he makes this hissing sound, like all the air rushing out of his lungs.  
“There… is… no finer… sight… than the one I see now,” he says.  “A beautiful woman… sucking my cock… mmmmm,” he stops talking as I pull him deeper into my throat.  
“You better stop that or I won’t be able… to hold back,” he warns.  I stop for a split-second, then start again.  I stroke his balls gently.
“You wench,” he says, as I up the pace.  “I mean it, if you don’t want cum in your throat, and all over you, you’d better…ah, ah….oh, man,” he gasps.  I start to taste the sweetness.  
“Mmmmm…you taste so sweet!  I mean it, I want you to cum… tell me what to do,” I request.  
“You know what to do, you’re doing it,” he replies.  His hips start thrusting to meet my mouth, and I take him as deep as I can and suck hard.  He holds my head and explodes in a series of spurts…1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. I count and swallow.  Then he pulls back and shoot twice more on my chest!  Wow.  
“Woman… you are… by far… the most sexy, generous….damn,” he says.  “I never thought I would find someone who could…damn,” he repeats, clearly astonished.  I expect he need rest or might want to clean up, but he rolls me over and is harder than ever!  I have heard about men like this, but never witnessed it.  I feel his heart pounding against my chest.  He kisses me, and the taste of my juices mixing with his was incredible!  
“Quite a magic mix we make,” I say when we came up for air. 
“Oh yeah, baby…” he coos, as he kisses me again.  
“I want to be inside you… let me get a condom,” he says, reaching for his wallet.  We are getting down to brass tacks now.  He fumbles for his wallet, then I heard the foil rip and watch as he covers himself.  I am so glad he’s prepared! He kisses me again, long and deep.
“Oh, Philip…I could kiss you forever… you… your tongue… so hot,” I murmur.  “I love you…” slips out.  I bury my face against his shoulder, thinking he doesn’t want to hear that.  
“Love you, too, Sass,” he replies easily.
“Yes?  Really?” I ask.
“Always did,” he admits.  “Just like you,” he adds.  
“What?” I asked, confused. “I never said.  You just wanted a friend,” I remind him.
“I knew anyway…” he says.  “I screwed up, ending it too soon, but I never stopped wanting you,” he explains.  “You are the only woman who turns me on this way,” he assures me, pressing against me.
“Put me inside,” he says. I touch him and gently put him up and inside me.  He presses just a bit and says, “Hey… wow… you are so tight.  Just how long, exactly, since you did this?”
“Um… well… ah…five years,” I admit.
“Hunh… what is wrong with men in this town?” he growls.  He gently moves further inside me.  “Are you okay?” he checks.
“Yes… yes… very fine,” I coo.  He starts to move, out a bit, in a bit, then further and further each time, adjusting slightly until he gets to the deepest point.  
“Oh, girl.  We fit… feels so good!” he exclaims.  “Ordinarily, I’d do different things now, but being out here… I don’t want to cause more a scene than we already are,” he said.
“You want to go to my bed?” I ask.  
“Yes, but not yet,” he replies.  “I want to do it all outside, as long as we’re this close!”  
He starts to move more quickly…rising on his elbows to watch what’s happening.  He establishes a rhythm, then varies it, watching my face.  I watch his face when I can, but my eyes close and my head rolls back as I stop thinking and start feeling all the ways he is pleasuring me.  I want to prolong the joy but it’s too sweet… too hot…. 
“Sweet… hot…” the words escape my mouth.  He agrees with a low moan.  
“Do it, Philip.  Fill me,” I beg.  
“Let go, girl” he says, obviously waiting for me to go first.  I concentrate on what he’s doing, feel  him moving inside me, hear the slap of his balls on me, and his labored breathing, smell the scent of cum and sweat in the warm night air.  I have never felt better in my life!  I feel the clenching start… he feels it, too.  
“That’s it, let it flow, baby,” he coaches. “Oh, Sass, we were made for each other!”
I wanted to scream but decide that’s unwise… I bite my lip and moan softly and whisper, “You’re making it happen again.  Wow.  Give it to me.  DO IT!”  
He goes wild, pounding deep inside me.  I meet his thrusts, my hips sliding against his.  He stops and I feel the pulses inside me.  We’re both trembling.  I open my eyes to watch the ecstasy on his face.  He collapses on me, but rolls a bit to the side, nestling his face on my neck.
“Incredible,” he whispers.  We lay there marveling at the magnitude of what we’ve done, the sounds of the city and our breathing mingling in the night.  
“I wish I could tell the 14 year-old girl that you find her again.  She wanted you so desperately,” I muse. 
“She knows…” he whispers.  He kisses me again.  I wonder if he’ll leave soon, having gotten what he wanted.  A car horned blares, and a guy shouts, and we giggle.  
“You know, when I thought of making love to you, outside, it wasn’t in the city,” he chuckles.  “It was in a big field, out in the country, maybe at camp… with the crickets chirping…” 
“A little different with cars and people and city lights, eh?  But there are still a few stars…” I offer. 
“And you… that’s the important part,” he whispers. “I keep thinking I am dreaming all this… that I’ll wake up alone any moment,” he adds.  “But this is better than anything I dreamed up…” he sighs.  I hug him.  
“Shower?” I suggest. 
“Sure!” he answers.  We dash inside, and head through my bedroom to the bathroom.  Philip stops  when he saw the cats on my bed.  
“And who have we here?” he asks, leaning over to pat them on the head as I tell him their names.  They roll over and purr.  Good judges of characters, cats.
– In the shower in my ass
We go on to the bathroom.  I turn on the radio to the oldies station, then turn on the water and step in, offering Philip my hand.  He takes it and hops in behind me.  He grabs the soap and the loofah, proceeding to drive me wild cleaning me back and front and um… in between.  I do the same to him.  There was something about the water and the music and two of us… magic.  We get each other clean but completely overheated in the process.  We sing raucously along to the tunes we used to dance to at school events.  
I am rinsing my hair when Philip puts his arm around my waist from behind, tweaking my right nipple.  He is rock hard against my ass.  
“I can’t wait anymore… I need to be inside you again,” he whispers in my ear.  “I want to try… well, if you want to… could I be in your gorgeous ass?” he asks tentatively.  “I’ll go slow… be careful,” he adds  I smile at his asking so sweetly.  I try not to think of my last boyfriend, who hurt me so badly in that area.  I know this will be different.  
“Yes… if you’re careful,” I answer.  I’d better clue him in to my past.  “I was hurt there…bad.. but I trust you,” I explain.  
“I don’t have to,” he states.  “I don’t want make you uncomfortable.”
“It’s alright… you make everything feel good,” I assure him.  I want to please him so much.  
“If I hurt you, you stop me, promise?” he says. “This is for both of us, or it’s no good.”
“Of course…” I reply, taken with his consideration.  
He pulls me out from under the water, presses me against the shower wall, bends me at the waist and sticks a wet finger inside my ass.  I feel the pressure and it sets off a reaction elsewhere.  He moves slowly in and out, and my hips press back toward him.  My breathing grows ragged.  
“This is so hot… being inside you in a different way,” he marvels.  
“Mmmmm,” is all I can manage with him touching me this way.  My brain is completely addled. 
“Do you have any lube?” he asks.  I strained to think…
“Yes… under the sink, lower right, near the…um…lotion, KY…” I murmur.  He leans over to open the vanity door and snatches it.  I hear him applying it to his cock, and feel it on my ass, then he presses against me, pulling my hips, pushing slowly inside me…moaning softly.  
“Oh…girl… I have thought about this…wondered…it is…so… so… damn hot… your ass is…  mmmm…” he tries to describe it for me… share how it feels… but the pleasure is too great for words.  I twist a bit, and he moans even louder.  
“I….am… on fire,” I manage to tell him through the haze.  He moves in and out, slowly, twisting, pressing.  He reaches around me and puts his finger in my slit, flicking my clit.  That sets off explosions inside me.  
“I want to fill your ass with cum…” he says, moving a little faster, starting to tremble.  
“Do it,” I growl.  He holds me very tightly and presses deeper… in and out, over and over, then he’s still.  I feel him pulsing inside me and he lets out a different sound from deep in his throat… sort of anguished, but a release of air and emotion.
Suddenly we are back under the warm water.  And he’s kissing me deeper than ever before.  I wonder if I will ever be able to shower again without remembering the look on his face and the feel of his hands on me.  
“That was…incredible!” he crows.  “Are you okay?” he asks, concerned at my silence.  I smile and nod, still overcome with all that has happened in the past few minutes.  We towel each other off, and I head for the kitchen.  
– In my kitchen in his ass
I grab a pitcher of water from the fridge, and he snags two glasses from the cabinet.  We stand next to each other, hip-to-hip, leaning against the counter, slurping down water and smiling at each other like loons.  
“Want a sandwich?  Or eggs?  Ice cream?”  I offer.  He turns toward me and kisses me, wrapping his arms around me, pressing our bodies together.  I wrap my arms around his neck, playing with the hair at the back of his neck, pressing my chest against him.  He runs a hand down the length of my hair.  
“Aren’t you tired of me, yet?” I ask, when he lets me catch my breath. 
“It doesn’t seem like that will ever happen,” he replies, pressing his forehead against mine.  
“Where’s all your stuff?” he asks.
“Hunh?” I reply, genuinely confused. 
“I mean… your counters are clear, your desk is organized, you don’t have a lot of books, cosmetics, perfumes..” he tries to explain.  “I bet you have room in your closets?”  
“Oh.  I’m not a collector.  And I like things…neat.  and I’m not very girly…in that way,” I giggle.  “Why?”
“Just…wondering,” he says.  He asks questions about my life – how long I’d lived here, where I work, where my family is now.  And he tells me about his life.  He is trying to figure out when we can see each other again, and not knowing how to get there.  He kisses me and whispers, “I don’t ever want to let go.  But I have to leave soon.  And I don’t know when I…”
“I know.  Don’t think about it now.  Now is for fun!  The rest is what it is, yes?” 
“Yes… I can’t believe you’re so calm about this,” he sighs.  “Most women would be asking for promises, plans…” he marvels.  
“We can ruin it, if we get too far ahead of ourselves,” I point out.
“True.  Just… unusual,” he muses.
“Well, we already know we’re that!” I shrug, smiling.  
“Sass…stay very still, ” he whispers.  He runs to grab another condom, puts it on and lifts me up onto the counter, entering me in one swift motion.  I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him further inside.  He grabs my hips and I grab his ass, and we make love right there in the kitchen!   Part way through, he whispers, “Put your finger in my ass,” so I lick my finger and twist it up inside him.  He matches the rhythm I set.  The look on his face was amazing!  Sweet how something so simple could up the pleasure!  I will never be able to chop an onion on that counter again without hearing the sounds of his body pleasuring mine and seeing how happy he was.  
– In my bedroom doggie style
When we’re done and holding each other, trying to breathe again, he lifts me gently down and pushes me into the bedroom.  I flop onto to the bed, thinking I’ll rest on my stomach for a few minutes.  He follows close behind me and before I take three breaths, he pulls my hips off the bed, gets me to my knees, and enters me from behind.  It is incredible how deep he gets this way!  Wow… I thrash and moan… clawing the comforter, totally out of control, slamming back into him.  He pounds and pounds… I wonder if we’ll ever stop and hope we don’t!  Not my usual frame of mind… I can’t believe how I’ve gone from “when will this be over?” to “please let this go on forever” at the hands of one man.  I start clenching around him and he thrust three more times, then stills, pulsing, moaning.  I am shaking… overcome with the heat and the passion.  
He settles beside me, panting, smiling.  “I hope this isn’t too wild for you.. too much…”
“No… not at all… you should tell me more of your dreams.  We can do more…” I offered.  
“I can’t believe how open you are… how you touch me… and let me touch you,” he marvels.  
“That’s what it’s about when you care about someone,” I said.  Though we both know it’s more than that for us.  We have that magic, that chemistry that makes every touch both comfortable and explosive.  
“I promise it won’t take me 15 years to find you again,” he swears.
“If you can see a way to be alone with me, you let me know.  I will be there,” I promise.  “I can fly or drive.  I can be around the corner, or down the road, or in a hotel anywhere you go,” I pointed out, trying to explain how easy I can make it for him.   He hugs me tight.
“It’s complicated,” he whispers.
“I know… no pressure. Just making it clear.  Seems like I should try to do that, since I didn’t say what I should have all those years ago,” I state. 
“That kid wasn’t ready to hear it,” he muses. 
“Yes… strange how things change,” I reply. 
“Now I want to hear it over and over,” he says.  “And I wish… oh, you know,” he says.
“Do you ever think of leaving your wife?” I ask.  
“No, not really.  Sure, everyone had their bad days, but, I make a promise and I stick to it, you know?”
“Oh course.  I understand.  I think I’d be that way, too, if I ever make the big promise.  But if you change your mind… if you would be interested in me for more than, well, this… you tell me this time, okay?”
“Even if you’re married then?” he asks.
“Yes… you never know what is going on…things change…” I try to explain.
“Okay.  I get it.  It’s just… the kids, the family…” he sighs.  “Though my mother would probably like you better…” he muses.  
“Don’t think about it now,” I suggest, hugging him.  I scoot up a bit and kiss him.  He rubs my back.  I mean to be comforting but the moment he touches me, I start to burn again.  I stretch a leg over him and straddle his hips, sitting up, and he smiles.  
“I want to ride,” I tell him.
“Sounds good to me,” he says, putting his hands on my hips and bucking up.  I touch him and press him inside me, then arch my back.  He tweaks my nipples.  I lean over and tease his chest with them.  My hair falls all around us, like a dark curtain, closing us into our own world.  
He bucks again.  I rise up, then sink down on him and he moans.  I stay still for a few seconds, and he twists under me.  Then I start to move, up and down, taking him deeper and deeper, riding him like a cowgirl on a Western saddle.  I feel so hot, so powerful, being on top of him, in control, seeing the pleasure on his face, the surprise when I vary the rhythm slightly.  His breath grows ragged and he moans.   
“Oh, girl… just when I think it can’t get any better…you.. mmmm… hmmmm… you do… it… ah… so good…” he pants.  
“You inspire me,” I tease, stopping high up, waiting for him to open his eyes, then sinking down on him.  His jaw gets tight in concentration and he holds my hips, bouncing up.  I start to lose my focus – the pleasure was so intense!  I feel like every nerve in my body is on fire… so electric!  I am cumming again!  Incredible!  I squeeze him with my knees and stop.  He shoves up once more and then is still, pulsing over and over.  I collapse on his chest and stretch out.
“I love you… so much,” I confess.  
“I can tell,” he chuckles, smiling.  “I love you, Sass,” he adds, hugging me tight.  We lay there, cuddled together.  I want to stop time.  Yesterday I would not have been able to imagine him here, and now I could not imagine him gone.  “Stay in the moment,” I could hear my groovy friends saying.  I take a deep breath and try to do that.  
– Another shower
Philip looks at his watch.  He rolls over and goes off to the shower again.  I let him have a few moments, then follow, going in behind him, washing his back.  I tickle his ribs and he chuckles, turning to do the same to me.  We giggle and poke, and then it dissolves into kissing and touching.  I shut off the water and grab towels.  I grab a big t-shirt to throw on, as he starts to toss on his uniform.  
Saying farewell 
I looked out the window, and George has his cab parked out front, true to his word.  
I pull a business card out of my purse and circle the toll-free number on the front, then wrote my home number and address on the back.  He tucks it into his breast pocket and pats it.  “You may not hear from me,” he says, “but I will be thinking of you.”  
“Thank you for…. everything,” I say, grabbing him for one last hug.  We hold onto each other for a long moment.  He squeezes my ass.  Then I step back.  He grins.  
“I love you.  I’ve always loved you.  Don’t forget it,” he says.
“I love you, Philip.  When your day is bad, or the night is cold, remember there’s a dark-haired woman thinking of you!” I smile.  He kisses me on the forehead and goes out the door.
I sit down on the floor in the foyer.  My cats climb into my lap.  I stay there for long time, trying to make sense of the last few hours.  Running each moment over and over in my mind.  Feeling more loved and more alone than I ever have in my life.  But armed with the fresh knowledge that it was possible for me to make a man very happy in bed (or on the kitchen counter), and that the right man could do the same for me! 
I go pick up my clothes and all the bedding from the balcony.  I take off the t-shirt, crawl into bed and start writing in my diary.  The phone rings!  
– On the phone
“It’s me,” Philip’s sexy voice wafts from the receiver.  “I had to hear your voice one more time.”   
“Where are you?” I asked, not having anything better to say. I’m almost overcome that he called.  So sweet, this man.  
“Pay phone.  Cab just dropped me off,” he answered.  “Where are you?”
“In bed,” I answer, using my “sexy voice.”
“Mmmm…. naked?” he asks.
“Yes,” I reply.  
“You don’t usually sleep that way, do you?” he guesses.
“No.” How could he know that?
“But you feel different tonight,” he whispers.
“Yes…because of you…” I admit.
“Do you touch yourself?” he asks.
“Not usually…” I answer.
“But you might now?” he suggests.
“Maybe…” I consider it. 
“I’d like to watch that,” he says, “hear you moaning,” he adds. 
“Hmmmm….Philip…” that image sets off quite a reaction.  I breathe a little heavier.  
“Yes?  Is it too weird to talk about this on the phone?” he asks.  
“No… we’ve had sex every other way tonight, might as well christen the phone, too?” I giggle.  
“Yes, ma’am,” he replies, chuckling.
“I am so wet,” I tease him with that. 
“Mmmm…good,” he sasses back.
“And it’s all your fault,” I sass a bit myself.
“It drives me crazy to think you lying there, naked…hot and wet…I am stiff as a stick again!” he marvels.  
“Tell me what you would do about it if you were here?” I ask.  
“I’d suck on you… and then pound that pussy until you beg me to…”
“Philip…,” I sigh.

“Oops.  Gotta run.  Sorry!”  He says in a rush.  
“Take care of yourself, kid,” I tell him.  
“You, too.” and he’s gone. 
What an amazing night!

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