Shy Saturday


Between You and Phil
Phil April 2 at 8:40am
Nice warm Saturday today. Going to be 70 tomorrow! No snow for us. How you feeling? Glad it’s the weekend. Was a very busy week! Hope you enjoy the day!
April 2 at 11:39am
Good morning! Already 50 here, sunny Spring day. I feel great. I am off to have lunch with my mom at a new thai place.
April 2 at 11:47am
(feel shy. in the midst of a wicked bout of aching for you…what makes it so fierce sometimes? Don’t want to bug you)
April 2 at 2:53pm
Windy day! Great lunch with mom. She’s doing so well. Helping her prep for tax accountant. Whee. How’s your Mom? What’re you up to today?
April 3 at 12:25am
Quiet Saturday night… shrimp and bacon pizza… sleep well, sweet man.
Phil April 3 at 12:45am
Stuffed jalepenos and wings. Good stuff. Mild wonderful day. Mom’s good, glad the weather is easing up. Love it. Nite Sass.

April 3 at 12:49am
Phil April 3 at 12:50am
Already laying down nite girl

April 3 at 12:52am
Ah. Sweet dreams…

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