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Tuesday tunes
Between Phil and You
March 29 at 7:56am
Good morning! Another cold and clear day. I’m so glad to be home w/ my own bed, a shower and computer! Have a great Tuesday!
Phil March 29 at 8:19am
Spectacular sunrise, staff hard at work, hot coffee, great start. Gonna be quasi warm out. I love it! Welcome home! Enjoy the day!

March 29 at 9:49am
What a gorgeous photo you posted! Off to a great start here – cleaned out my medicine cabinet. I don’t want to admit how old some of the stuff I tossed was…
March 29 at 5:35pm
Hope your day continued to go well. I was very productive – my brain was really working! I worked at home – caught up on work emails, personal emails, and figured out how to pay bills on a new banking site – my bank got bought out and it all changed over last week! Whee!
March 29 at 7:26pm
Quiet evening. Alone again. Question – Tips to keep me sane when my spouse is being a total twit? Think of a bad Sally day and how you coped and share the secret? When I need him to be better, he is worse than ever. Grrr… sorry to complain but it is reaching epic proportions!
Phil March 29 at 7:41pm
I lose myself in music. The music fills my ears and heart. I also walk away. I’m not a fighter. Music has always soothed my soul.

Wednesday work
Between Phil and You

March 30 at 8:25am
Good morning! Another clear 36 start, headed to 50! Off to the office. Have a great one, kid!
March 30 at 3:10pm
Great work photos! Fun to see where you are! And food! Yum. The cold war is over if all that can be on Facebook. My day started off great with BACON! So nice to be able to eat what I want again. I’ve been working hard… didn’t look up until 2:30 pm – my assistant made me stop to eat lunch. Hope you ate today. 🙂
March 31 at 12:35am
You were quiet today. Hope you’re okay. I had the seafood scallion pancake and basil chili duck again at All Seasons Table, the Pan Asian place, slogged through 3 hours of project business with the board members of our non-profit and our pro bono big city lawyer. Oof. Looked at photos you sent. Had wild sex with you… in my mind. I loved seeing you cum. Sad you were alone… wonder what you were thinking about.. hate that it wasn’t inside me. Shouldn’t say, but it’s true. Sleep well, sweet man.
Phil March 31 at 7:51am
Well good morning! Busy day yesterday. Worked out with the staff. Creaky knees are barking but ok. Another action packed day today! Whoo Hoo. Have a great one!

March 31 at 9:08am
Good morning! Clouds 40. March ending quietly. Long day of dr appt and chemo #5 w/ different drug. Supposed to be easier but takes longer. Free food, better than main hospital, thank goodness. I will joke w/ sis and think of you. Heehee. have a sudden urge to kiss knees. 🙂 Have a great day! 
Baseball bet
Between Phil and You
March 31 at 7:00pm
So. Wanna make a “gentleman’s bet” on baseball? Maybe who wins the Eastern Division? or what? What would you give me if I’m right? What would you want if you’re right?
Phil March 31 at 7:06pm
Sure! Of course my call is Yankees win the East. Wager, I’m not sure of yet.

March 31 at 7:15pm
Cool! I am shocked, shocked I say, that you picked that team! 🙂 To be contrary, and likely win, my pick is the Red Sox. Though maybe I should wait and see what you’d ask for… but if you give me a right to negotiate on the wager, I am in!
Phil March 31 at 7:22pm
Ok, but your suck ass Red Sox are going to dissapoint you. They kind of have a history of that. I bet on a proven winner.
March 31 at 7:51pm
A co-worker in my office, who aspires to be a baseball sportswriter (A’s fan) told me a famous sportswriter w/a good track record picked the Red Sox to win by 8 games over those overpaid jerks from NY. So I feel calm in my choice. 🙂

March 31 at 11:09pm
Hope you had a great day. It’s snowing here..inch already. Big white flakes coming straight down. Ah, nothing like April snow showers. Heh. Sleep well, sweet man. I love you dearly.  

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