ICU weekend

Friday, March 25
8:09 am Good morning!  Beautiful, sunny 32.  Cuddly cat at my feet.  TGIF!  Body bad but mind great!  Have a fabulous Friday!
11:22 am Phil: Good morning!
11:53 am Hey, kid.  Hope your day is peachy.  Weird day – at work but wicked short of breath.  Called nurse – going to MGH.  Ick.  Waiting for Hubby to take me.  In better news, I was awake at 4 am, saw awesome pix of a cock, then dreamed of us in an outdoor shower at a beach…Mmmmm.  That made me, um, smile. 
1:17 pm @MGH getting chest xray.  Do I know how to start the weekend off or what? 🙁 Tell me something bawdy?
1:21 pm Phil: Open wide and say mmmmmmm.  [photo of his cock in the shower]
1:25 pm Phil:  Bawdy enough?
1:30 pm Ha!  I adore you.  That looks delicious. 😉
1:30 pm Phil: May have been a bad idea for someone with Chest issues.
1:36 pm Phil:  I try. 🙂
3:01 pm Just had CAT scan.  Saw oncologist.  Being admitted overnight.  Yippee.
3:09 pm Phil: Oh yuck.  Hospital food!  🙂  Pitueee
6:52 pm Hiya!  Keeping a parade of docs, nurses and techs busy.  Five different specialists so far!  Oncology, cardiology, pulmonary, vascular, and ICU specialists!  Blood clots in my lungs!  Fixable.  Whee.  Here for the weekend.  Bleh.  Hope you have a good one!
7:36 pm Phil: Let them take care of you Sass.  Praying.
9:13 pm Feeling good actually, oxygen rocks!  In icu now, so they can monitor heart.  What’s new w/ you?
10:18 pm Phil: Not much.  Beers at the club and nodding off on the couch.
10:19 pm Glad to hear you are feeling good.  Having legs ultrasound soon.  
Saturday, March 26
7:12 am   Good morning!  Pretty sunrise over Bunker Hill monument.   Wishing for bacon.  Not allowed to eat.  Bleh.  Hope you get to relax and enjoy!
8:22 am Phil: Heading to work out.  I’m guessing no bacon for you.  They make chocolate covered bacon here.  Gotta try it I guess.
8:27 am Yay gym!  No food since Fri – argh!  Had choc bacon once.  Evil but awesome!  Like choc pretzel (salty, sweet) but good greasy too.  Yum.  Have a good sweat
8:30 am Phil: Thank you!
11:30 am There once was a lady called Sassy, who breathing went kinda half-assy.  After tests to find why, they said lung clots, oh, my, but she knew twas cause she‘d thought of Philip’s chassis! 
11:30 am yes, I am bored and silly. 🙂
11:45 am Phil: I imagine so.  I always take my kindle or IPAD so I have something to occupy me.  I hate being in the hospital.  At least you are maintaining your sense of humor!
3:17 pm They let me eat!  No bacon, but lemon Italian ice.  Yum.  Hope you’re having a good day.

Feel Better
Between You and Phil
Phil March 26 at 10:44pm
Hope you sleep well. Had an amazing Mexican dinner, great Margaritas. I know, you had shitty hospital food. Hope you are feeling better.
March 26 at 10:54pm
About to get a sponge bath. Yippee. Nothing like cute male nurses! Sleep well, sweet man.
March 26 at 11:38pm
Done, clean. Yay! Thinking of kissing you. Different places… Mmm. None of this hospital crap has affected my libido! 
Sunday sunrise
Between Phil and You
March 27 at 7:32am
Good morning! Another awesome sunrise over Boston. Been pacing my hospital room, must keep active. What’s up for you today? Hope it’s great!
Phil March 27 at 8:21am 
Looks like a chilly, sunny day. Got some work planning to do and then a relaxing afternoon I hope before another busy week.

Phil March 27 at 2:57pm
Libido! LOL! When do they free you?

March 27 at 4:36pm
Hoping tomorrow. Feeling great – they took me off IV and are letting me walk around the halls! It freaks them out because they don’t usually have patients who can walk and talk. Sis was here, telling me about her trip to Spain.  Crap always happens when she is gone!  How’re you? I tried to be good and not bug you while you were working…
March 27 at 4:40pm
I should explain that they’ve said I don’t belong in ICU, but there aren’t any beds elsewhere. They stopped pestering me w/ all the monitors and are just tinkering w/ the right med levels to make sure no more clots.
March 27 at 10:57pm
Hey, kid. Good evening? Wicked boring here…
March 27 at 11:54pm
Bed for me. Thank you for sending healing thoughts my way – sure its helping. Sleep well, sweet man. Hope you have a sexy dream and tell me about it. 😉
March 28 at 6:20am
Good morning! I hope you have a great Monday!
Phil March 28 at 7:55am 
Morning! Hope its a great one! This one is off to a good start. Gorgeous Sunrise!
March 28 at 5:13pm
Hiya, kid. I made it home. Planning to shower and snooze! I hope you had a productive day.
March 29 at 12:32am
It’s so good to be home. Sleep well, sweet man.

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