The old photo

Sunday slide
Between Phil and You
March 20 at 7:26am
Good morning! 30 now, another sunny 40s day. Hope to get caught up on housework. Have a great day!
March 21 at 12:10am
Hope you had a good evening. Bed for me. Sleep well, kid.

Monday matters
Between Phil and You
March 21 at 8:17am
Good morning! Happy Spring! Gray 37, no precip yet. Might get to the office before it hits! Yippee. Have a fine Monday!
Phil March 21 at 8:27am
Nice here. Glad the rain headed any place but here. Feel great, ready for the week! Sound of staff getting to work always gets me revved up in the morning, that and espresso. Have a great day!

March 21 at 10:09am
Glad you’re on the upswing! Sister called from Segovia, Spain! She’s a tourist while her husband’s in meetings. Off to do payroll! Whee!
Phil March 21 at 10:54am 
Cool. Have fun.

March 21 at 1:26pm
Payroll’s done! And it’s SNOWING! Big, fluffly flakes… nothing like New England’s first day of Spring. Oh, and I adore you. 🙂
March 21 at 4:01pm
Hope you had a productive day. Headed home in the snow – not sticking, thank god. H’s out tonight for a project meeting. So I’m on my own w/ the pusscats.
March 21 at 11:03pm
If I told you that you have a great body, would you hold against me? 🙂 Chemo is kicking my ass. Say something to make me forget it. Bonus points for use of the word cock. Sleep well, kid.
Phil March 21 at 11:13pm
Perhaps if you were bent over the kitchen sink with a hard cock pounding that pussy, you would feel better.
Phil March 21 at 11:27pm
Then lubricate that tight ass with saliva slipping a finger inside before taking that ass with my cock, fucking your ass till I flood it with cum.

Phil March 22 at 7:58am
Good morning. Hope you are feeling better. Rainy here but warmer,  wearing shorts which is cool

March 22 at 5:25pm
Hey, kid. Thanks for the distraction. Perfect. Wow. wow. wow.

March 24 at 12:00pm
Remember this guy? [He sent a photo of himself at age 16]

March 24 at 2:35pm
Yes. Vividly. *sigh*
Philip…Thanks for springing that on me in the middle of work day! If I did that, you’d smack me for sure!
What happened with your other FB acct? I wanted to compare this photo with one of your son…he looks a lot like you!
Just when I think I can’t possibly ache any worse for you, you send me to look at that. And I want you more than ever before. Ooof. It unlocked a bunch of memories. And set me on fire! I loved that boy so frickin’ much! He was so sweet. And HOT! with his laugh, his arms around me, his lips on me, and his long fingers inside me. And that cross necklace… damn it. It half rips my heart out and half makes me burn for you.
You can’t have expected this…and I shouldn’t admit it. But that photo makes me want to move heaven and earth to be with you. I know there are very good reasons we haven’t done that, but looking at the photo I forget why. Would we be a good team every day? Would the comfort and the magic carry over? Would we kill each other the first week? Or get bored? Or chase each other around the kitchen and fuck over the sink every day and twice on Sundays?! 

I don’t want to wonder about all that together forever stuff… dangerous territory. For all I know, you don’t want that and isn’t even fair to ask. I’m just an old girlfriend you have some fun with.

I know… I know… Such a fuss over one old photo. But holy cow… it couldn’t be more perfect in terms of what I remember. And the way you are looking out at me… yikes.
Never mind all this. Thanks for the photo! Pat me on the head and I’ll go back to work.

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