Old Flame Joke

“A telling Hillary Clinton joke has the then-first lady and the
president driving along in scenic Arkansas. When they pull
 over for gas, Clinton notices his wife has jumped out of the
car, bounded over to the gas-station attendant, thrown her
arms around him, and kissed him with tears of joy. “Who was
 that?” a bemused Bill asks as they drive away. “Oh,” replies
Hillary somewhat wistfully, “he was an old flame I haven’t
seen in years.” “Well,” says Bill with a smirk, “I guess if you
 hadn’t married me, you’d be helping him pump
 gas now.” “I don’t think so,” says Hillary icily. “If I had
 married him, he’d be president now.”

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Sassy Girl

It's the gal you knew in high school that you've wondered about. And she's got something to say! Time to heat up old flames!

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