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Wednesday walks
Between Phil and You
December 29 at 9:01am
Good morning! Great shots of your place and precious pups on FB! Beautiful morning here, 32 degrees and clear. Stunned when I saw the flags… you mind reader!  was thinking last night “He needs a flag out front.” You’ve done a super job pepping up the front of that house!
Phil December 29 at 9:24am
Thank you. Trying to make it homey
December 29 at 9:31am
What’s the plan for today? I am getting out of the frickin house, leaving the slug behind and going out to lunch with my pal! She has a Christmas present for me that “she can’t carry on the bus.” Hunh… wonder what that could be?
Phil December 29 at 9:34am
Uh oh
December 29 at 9:45am
I sense a plot. Either some sort of surprise party, or the project people have plotted to buy some big thing. But I may be wrong. Last time I had this prickle at the back of my neck, I showed up to someone’s house for a “quiet birthday supper” and there were 60 people there with a catered buffet and a pile of presents!
December 29 at 11:07am
It does look like a home now! You’ve probably already thought it, but something for those stair side ledges? maybe evergreen in a pot… boxwoods, hicks yew or sky pencils?
December 29 at 11:08am
Geez… I don’t know what’s come over me. I’ve never been into plants or decorating of any kind… you are a bad influence! 🙂
6:26 pm Me: [photo of ad for lobster $4.99 per pound]
Wish I could buy you one, or two!
6:52 pm Me:  I was right.  They pulled off a huge surprise…
December 29 at 9:01pm
They did have a huge surprise for me! It’s a box of big envelopes with presents to open once a week, to get me through chemo and radiation!  Isn’t that amazing?!  Dozens of people helped.  I am overwhelmed.  When this box is empty, I’ll be done with treatment!  

December 29 at 10:25pm
Hope you had a good day and got to check things off your list. I did a lot – lunch, surprise, funeral home visit to do paperwork for a friend, saw Mom, saw dad, gas, pharmacy, groceries… whee! Quiet evening, thank goodness. Sleep well, sweet man.

Thursday throttle
Between Phil and You
December 30, 2010 at 6:25am
Good morning! I hope the sun shines on you today. What’s on your list to do? It’s a gorgeous morning here, already above freezing and clear. Have a great day!
Phil December 30, 2010 at 8:28am
Morning! Warm here too! Movers arrived – House is full of boxes. I’m at the gym getting the kinks out. Have a great day!

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