Christmas wishes

Christmas Wish
Between Phil and You
December 25 at 12:00am
Hi Philip! Hope you have the merriest Christmas! Full of good food, fine wine, nifty presents and even some football.
7 am [photo of sunrise]

December 25 at 7:06am

Good morning! Gorgeous sunrise… pink clouds streaking through the light blues. Cold, 24 degrees. Not a single vehicle in the lot or moving around. Ah… the quiet of Christmas.
7:10 am Phil: Looks lovely!  Merry Christmas S.
December 25 at 7:12am
Great quote in my FB newsfeed… “You believe in Santa. Then you don’t believe in Santa. Then you become Santa!” George N. Parks (the late UMass bandleader) A friend added, “Yea, and then you look like Santa. I’m in the end stage.” Hee. We’re off to my sister’s to be Santa for my niece at 11 am, have lunch, go see Dad, then home to nap. 🙂
Phil December 25 at 7:14am

Great service last night, great wine. It’s OK!
December 25 at 7:22am
I had a rare spell of the deep blues last night. Mostly about not being able to go to church.  Or be with you.  Managed to keep it to myself.
December 25 at 7:21am
I get to go out! I am so excited! Been a long 3+ days cooped up here!!!
10:49 am Me: [Photo of my niece and the Christmas tree]
1:54 pm Me: [Photo of the wine sis served with Christmas dinner]
2:03 pm Me: [Photo of Christmas dinner on my plate]
Boeuf Bourgignon and thyme mashed potatoes
December 26 at 12:00am
Hey, kid. Hope Santa found you. and you got a chance to relax. Quiet evening for me. Watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Sleep well, sweet man.

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