Boxing Day

Sunday, December 26
7:36 am Phil: [photo of his backyard at the beach, covered in snow]
My coffee view this morning!

Boxing day
Between Phil and You
December 26 at 11:17am
Good morning! Are you driving today? As you may have guessed, it is snowing. BLIZZARD! 20’s. Windy. But I don’t have to go anywhere. Lot is full of people at the grocery, no doubt stocking up on eggs, milk and bread – we call it “The French Toast Emergency.” Heh. Stay safe, sweet man.
December 26 at 11:19am
FYI – My old cat died at 2:05 am in Hubby’s arms. Glad you got to meet him.
* sigh *


11:30 am Me: Yikes.  Gorgeous plants!
12:36 pm Me: Go Team!
12:51 pm Phil: Yeah man!
December 26 at 12:52pm
Oh Sass, I am so sorry. Glad I got to meet him too.

2:40 pm Me: Happy half-time!

December 26 at 6:01pm

Thanks, Philip. Don’t tell Hubby, but this cat’s death is not bothering me the way our other cats did. Maybe a combination of I just don’t have the emotional energy to spend on one more thing, he was mostly his cat, and after more than a week of waiting, I am relieved to have him at peace. *sigh* We drove out to my sister’s to try to bury him, but the ground is already too hard. Not sure what we’ll decide to do.
December 26 at 6:03pm
You still at the beach? Drink a lot of tequila? Watching more football? Saw a funny quote just now – Dean Martin once said, “you’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.”
December 27 at 1:06am

Hey, kid. Hope you had a great day! We’re snowed in here… white-out. Probably all day tomorrow! Watched first two eps of “Law & Order U.K” – interesting to see how they adapted U.S. episodes, and how the British legal system differs but is mostly the same.  Sleep well, sweet man.

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