Christmas Eve

 December 24 at 7:26am
Merry Christmas Eve!

December 24 at 11:41am
Hey, kid! Merry Christmas Eve to you! Sun is shining, 32 degrees… lot is FULL of procrastinators!
December 24 at 11:58am
How’re you doing? Busy today?
I’m feeling great! Took off bandages, got to see the incisions. Tiny. One 2 inch line at the top right, and a nick at the bottom of the underarm. All healed. No stitches, just steri-strips over it now. Amazing bit of work.
December 24 at 12:34pm
Question – can Sassy put on her bathrobe, go downstairs to the mail room, get the mail and come back up without being seen? Answer – No. (oops).
December 24 at 8:35pm
Hey, kid. I hope you’re having a mellow Christmas Eve.

10:41 pm Phil: Merry Christmas!  Had a nice relaxing evening.
12:32 am Merry Christmas, sweet man.

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