Percocet & Cheeseburger

Tuesday tilting
Between Phil and You
December 21 at 5:19am
Good morning! I hope your day is off to a great start. It’s a white world! still snowing. and blowing! Snow coming down looks like a swarm of white bees, swirling in the wind. 28 degrees…brrr. Totally missed forecast this storm. Have a wonderful day!
December 21 at 6:29am
Off to MGH for surgery!

Phil December 21 at 6:48am
It will be fine Sass.

December 21 at 6:53pm
Made it home. Percocet and a cheeseburger. 
Slow brain but no pain. Bed now.
Phil December 21 at 7:17pm
Glad to hear it! Take it easy.
December 21 at 10:44pm
Hey, kid. Good day for you?
Awake again. 
Another cheeseburger. 
More percocet… hope that’s the last one. 
gives me vivid dreams of.. well, you know.
December 21 at 11:33pm
Heading back to bed. Sleep well, sweet man.

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