Weekend wonders
Between Phil and You
December 19 at 9:26am
Good morning! You rolling along? I hope you have an uneventful trip. It’s above freezing here! Lots of high clouds. Quiet morning in the lot.
December 19 at 10:47am
You in Buffalo yet? Off to the shower!
Phil December 19 at 10:48am
Yep, Niagra Falls
December 19 at 11:42am
Wow! You’re making great progress! In PA now? I’m all clean and headed out to brunch at the Independent pub.
Phil December 19 at 11:44am
Enjoy! 40 miles from the line
December 19 at 1:39pm
Hey, kid! Where you – Ohio yet? Back from brunch! Bloody Mary with celery and ham/cheese omelette acquired! Also got to taste sweet potato biscuits with sausage gravy… yum! Seven of us… good times. One marine reservist headed to the sandbox next year. Lots of talk of DADT repeal. Then half of the runners from the local Jingle Bell run rolled in… sort of like holiday Rocky Horror fashion show. Wacky! Lost our waitress, had to get the manager to pay and dash out. Heh.

TEXT: [photo of the pub]

Phil December 19 at 1:43pm
Coming up on Cleveland. Listening to football. Good day

December 19 at 1:46pm

Wow! You’re really motoring! I’m off to see my dad. Go Team!

Phil December 19 at 1:48pm
Whoo Hooo

December 19 at 4:16pm
In Indiana? Good visit w dad. Headed home
December 19 at 4:49pm
Good start to that game!
December 19 at 5:43pm
Half time! Did you make it to your destination yet? Hoping you are close…
December 19 at 7:18pm
Woot! They did it!  They won!
Phil December 19 at 7:23pm
What a game

December 19 at 7:34pm
Did you yell at the radio? 🙂
December 19 at 9:06pm
You camped out in the house? Call?
If you’re too wiped, I understand. Sleep well, sweet man.
Phil December 19 at 10:40pm
Made it, relaxing with wine. What a haul. I am pooped.
December 19 at 10:46pm
Thank you very much for letting me know. I am picturing you in the empty house. Something very poetic about it. Must be such a good feeling to be done driving. And your team won!
Phil December 19 at 10:48pm
I am staying in a very nice suite around the corner from the house. Much more comfortable

December 19 at 10:51pm
Ah, much better.

December 19 at 10:55pm
Did you eat today? My sister gave me a quart of Hungarian mushroom soup she made… had part of that for dinner with some of the pretzel crackers. Yum.
Phil December 19 at 10:56pm
Arbys on the road was it
December 19 at 11:06pm
Love their horsey sauce. 🙂
Wish I was there… would hand you soup and the rest of the cheese, and rub your back. You watching the Pats?
Phil December 19 at 11:08pm
Yea, hoping they get beat

December 19 at 11:10pm

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2 thoughts on “Mileposts”

  1. I always seem to pick up on the minutia but I am curious what the inside scoop from a career military guy is on DADT. My observation is that the military is way over it and it’s the politicians that keep it stirred up. My thought is it should have been gone a long time ago (meaning anyone is welcome who wishes to serve).

    Peyton apparently is leaving the Colts. Are you sad or happy as a Pats fan?

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