Visit #2 – part 5 On my desk

11:00 pm Office visit

We made our way back down the stairs to the garage, found my car and drove over to my office building.  He pressed me against the wall of the elevator and kissed me, slipping his hands inside my pants to squeeze my ass.  We went to my office, and I showed him my desk in the corner.  He admired the view out the window while I sat on the edge of my desk.  The lights went off – they do that when no one is moving around.  

He turned to me and gathered me into his arms for a long kiss, whispering, “I’ve wanted to bend you over this desk for a long time.”  We shared a passionate kiss and then he said, “There isn’t enough time.”  He sighed, then whispered, “If I could, I’d flip you around, bend you at the waist, lower your pants and press a finger inside you.” 

I whimpered as the sound of his voice poured over me, and the images he evoked took root in my imagination.  

“Hmmmm… I’d reach deep inside.  Mmm…. so wet already,” he sighed again.  “Then I’d kneel down and lick my way down the crack of that gorgeous ass, circle the rim and move lower and shove my tongue inside.”  He was panting a bit at the thought! 

He reached down and pressed my most sensitive spot, rubbing gently back and forth with his finger.  My hips began to press toward him, and he sucked and teased my earlobe.  My hips ground against him, and I thought I might lose my mind.  

He continued whispering, “Then you’ll hear the clink of my belt buckle.  You can twist your head around to watch me release my cock.  It’s going to spring out and up, and I’m going to guide it into you, pulling your hips to mine and pounding you into this desk.”

I raked my fingers down his back and moaned into his ear, and the shaking started.  Damn, this man can make me peak just whispering to me! 

He kissed me deeply, squeezing my ass with both hands.  The lights popped back on!  

He looked at his watch, gave me a sad smile and said, “We really should go.”  I nodded and took his hand to lead him back to the elevator.  

He held me in the elevator and we giggled at the feminine voice announcing, “Going down,” as we descended.  He leered at me, whispering, “Oh, I’d love to do that right here!”  

I headed for the car as fast as I could to escape the cold.  He said, “Give me a minute,” and stood on the front steps of the building, taking in the surroundings as I dashed to open and start the car.  He joined me and buckled himself in to the passenger seat.  I put the car in gear and headed out.  

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